How To Sell Your Feet Pics Online – Safe Way

Of all the methods to make money online, I would have never ranked Selling your feet pics was one of the easiest and most lucrative ways to generate income.

But according to my research, this niche is rapidly growing over the last few years.

In this A-to-Z guide, you will earn everything you need to know on how to sell your feet pics online in the safest way possible.

How To Sell your Feet Pics Online

The first step in the process of selling your feet pics online is to make sure that it is as safe as possible to protect your identity and yourself from potential nefarious lurkers (yeah, this is internet we are talking about.

Here are my five step to sell your feet pictures on the internet.

Steps Action(s)How Long it would take?
#1Setup an Anonymous Online Profile for this Business10 minutes
#2Research and establish the mediums where to sell your feet pics and sign up for those accounts30 mins/ account
#3Take Training for good photos | Could be a free Class on YouTube or a paid one if you have the budget for that2-3 days max
#4Upload your watermarked photos on the platforms accounts you created in step #21 day
#5Use social media / forums to bring visibility to your feet picsOn-going
Selling feet pics online Process flow in less than a week

How to Sell Feet Pics without getting scammed

Your identity does not need to be known in order to make money selling your feet pics.

Therefore, every effort should be made to maintain your anonymity.

As such, it is best to create brans new email and social media accounts for the sole purpose of your business.

Under no circumstances should you have to provide your personal information to the buyers.

Avoid the following Scams that are prominent with Online sale transactions.

  • Avoid Physical Gift Cards| chances are these are fraudulent
  • Do not accept overpayments | It is a classic scam asking you to reimburse the difference
  • Do not advance any money to prove your legitimacy

Stay Anonymous Online

The first thing you can do to stay safe and anonymous for this online business is to turn off your location settings on your smart phone.

The second actions will require you to invest in a cheap $10/month Virtual Private Network (VPN).

A VPN will help you setup a “fake” location while browsing on the internet.

Let say you are in USA, you can setup your VPN for your computer to report that you are location in Europe and Vice versa.

Best Lucrative Feet Pics Poses That Sell well

All feet pics do not come equal.

You will earn overtime which ones are most popular with your audience.

To get you started, you can prepare a catalog of feet pictures with the following categories in mind.

How to sell feet pics -bottom of feetBottom of FeetClose-up shot of soles of the feet
Top of Feetclose-up of Top of feet
How to sell feet pics online - feet archesFoot archArches are the focus in these pics
How to sell feet pics online - toe spreadToe SpreadTop or bottom view of spread Feet toes
How to sell feet pics online - shoes in heelsShoes in heelsYou can use an angled view of feet in shoes
Feet in the airFeet in the airBarefoot Lady laying down | Face is optional
dirty soles of feetDirty SolesClose-up on Dirty soles
Feet selfieFoot SelfieNatural pose of feet exposed to sunlight
Hoe to sell feet pics online - selling curled toes onlineCurled ToesClose-up picture of feet with Toes curled
Popular poses for feet pics

Effective Ways to Photograph your pictures

The main thing is to be able to take nice pictures of your feet.

Hence, your will need to focus on the good health of your feet if that is not already the case.

After all, it is really the main product you are selling, isn’t it?

Just think of this business as a feet model job.

That is really what it is.

Choosing your Backgrounds

If you cannot invest in a proper pedicure, use YouTube vides on how to do it yourself.

You can never go wrong with a very good presentation of your feet.

So not spare any creative ideas because that is how you are going to gain an edge over you competition.

Every lady has pretty feet so find that one thing that will set your feet pic apart staring with the decor.

How to sell feet pics online - choosing feet pics background
Feet Pics backgrounds are very important

Look on Instagram or ETSY to see the settings other are using to take their feet pics.

By this I mean the type of backgrounds.

Some ideas include tiles of different colors especially if your toes have toenail.

Sand, wood, carpet and white bedding are another alternative you will need to experiment with.

Basically, you will get to test multiple feet pics environment in order to determine which one your customers like best.

Should you decorate your feet?

This is the creative part of your feet pics that you get to control.

The more ideas you bring the larger your audience will frow.

Again, you have the perfect opportunity to experiment with jewelry, tattoos, flowers and other accessories.

As for the pictures taking part, a quick and serious online tutorial on photography lighting is necessary.

This will preclude you from wasting valuable time later if you have to redo al l your feet pics.

Get the knowledge from the start so that you can focus on other part of your online business.

Best Online Places to sell your feet Pics

Based on a large survey I conducted from current players in this industry, it is wise to avoid the sleazy platforms when you are a beginner in this niche.

It is far better to focus on highly established mediums to post your feet pics.

Selling your feet Pics on Niche Sites

Later on, there is always the possibility to create your own website where you can directly market your feet pictures as well as teach other newcomers about the insights of this craft.

The Earnings potential with this method is huge because you will be to make money through ads, affiliates products, your own digital products such as e-books on top of selling your feet photos.

However, there is one drawback to start selling your feet pics through your own site is that it may take you a while to bring organic traffic.

As a result, you may not make money for a good while.

How long exactly does it take a brand-new website domain to attract decent viewers?

They answer is actually between 7 and 9 months.

Here are videos of YouTube Experts who have shared their ads revenue on fresh websites.

How Long it takes to make Money on a new website

Consequently, here are the Top Platforms you can Leverage as a starter to sell your feet pics online today.

#1. ETSY

ETSY is a public traded company on the NYSE. It does not get more legit that than.

The growth on Etsy website has been fantastic over the last 4-5 years and continues to attract buyers and sellers of different products.

How to sell your feet pics online - Etsy is a good place to safely sell your feet pics in 2023

Examples of Feet Selling Businesses on Etsy in 2023

Steps to Sell your feet Pics on ETSY Marketplace

Steps to Sell on ETSYActions
1. Account SetupCreate an account with profile picture and a nice bio
2. Design your own marketplaceEtsy has tools to help you though this simple process
3. Bank IntegrationEtsy will ask you to connect your business bank account to their platform so that you can be paid seamlessly
4. Product ShowcaseDisplay your watermarked or blurred pics (Use Canva for this)
5. MarketingList your Etsy “shop” on your business social media accounts
6. Payment Etsy will take 5% on sales and 20 cents listing fee per image
How to sell feet pics on ETSY

#2. Instafeet

This company name tries to mirror Instagram.

It works as a subscription service for photography where you can sell your feet pics and make money directly.

Steps to Sell on INSTAFEETActions
1. Account SetupCreate an account on with your valid photo ID
2. PhotosYou must post at least 5 pics upon approval
3. PricingYou are responsible for setting the price of your pics (it is recommended to keep it below $10)
4. MarketingShare your Instafeet Link on your business social media accounts
6. Payment Instafeet will take 10% on sales from credit card payments
How to sell feet pics on

#3. Feet Finder

Feet Finder offer sellers the opportunity to market their feet pics with a monthly fee of $3.99 or $14.99 annually which is the better choice.

There is an age restriction on the platform since all sellers must be at least 18 years of age at the time of the account setup.

It will cost you an extra 20% fee on each sale therefore you must include this in your pricing of your items.

A good way to minimize the impact of the sale fee is to use their affiliate program and earn money by recommending others to join the platform.

Here is a full recent YouTube tutorial on how to sell feet pictures on Feet Finder.

How to Sell feet pics on Feet Finder platform

Here is a list of other marketplaces where you can setup your store to sell photos and even videos of your feet.

PlatformRequirementsSales Fee (%)$5 to create accountYes
Foap50 -50 Split | you get $5 | more gains on Premium MissionsNone
OnlyFansUp to 72 hours for account approval12%
Stock Photo SitesShutterstock| iStock Photo| Alamy | Adobe stock| 500px| Dreamstime| You make money based on downloadsNo
Feet Lovers OnlyFrom the makers of All Things wornNo

How to Sell Your Feet Pics on social media

Social media platforms are a good direct way to sell your feet pics.

In order of preference, Instagram should be your fist target.

Then followed by Facebook, Snapchat, Reditt and Tik Tok.

Do not feel overwhelmed by all of these possibilities.

Pick a couple and slowly start to gain experience on how to achieve your goal on these social media.

Eventually as your business grows, you will have the money to hire consultant online to help you with the workload.

Making use of Hashtags to sell feet pics on social media

Here is the detailed process on how to setup your feet pics selling business on Instagram.

How to sell Feet Pics on Instagram?

Steps to Sell on INSTAGRAMActions
1. Account SetupCreate a new Professional account and choose “Creator”.
Your bio should include external Links (do this with Linktree)
2. PhotosPost blurred pics to be used for preview only
3. PricingYou determine your price
4. Use HashtagsTag your feet pics for more visibility. Up to 30 is allowed
6. Payment Add your Payment method – Delivery is done through Direct Message (DM) or Email (your business email for privacy)
How to sell feet pics on

Here are some popular hashtags you can use on Instagram and other social media.

Hashtags for feet pics selling marketing

How much Money Can you make selling feet pics on Instagram

The demand for this niche is growing to the point where some ladies are able to make a living from this online business.

Here is the story of Brooke who reporting making as much as $600/week which equates over $2400 per month – enough for her to pay her rent with her feet selling business on Instagram alone.

To keep things in perspective, $600 per week means 60 customers who pay $10 each for your pics.

Often, you will get custom ad-hoc request for which you need to charge more especially if the requested video/pic cannot be used with other customers.

Learn more about her story her YouTube video below.

How much money can you make selling feet pics on Instagram

Who do you Sell Your Feet Pics To?

These are the entities your marketing and advertising (if any) efforts will need to focus on.

Potential Buy Price($)% Total Potential Feet Photos Buyers
Modeling Agencies$50 and above10%
Shoe Companies$50 and above10%
Podiatrists$30 – $5010%
Artists$25 – $4010%
Etsy Online Shop Owners$10 – $2520%
Stock Photo Websites$5 – $1520%
Uncategorized (Various)$10 -$10020%
Who Buy Feet Pics Online?

The above table summarizes who typically would buy feet pics online from modeling agencies, shoe companies or podiatrists which all will bring top money for you.

Once you get going, an idea to attract the attention of this high buyers is to target some by tagging them on your posts in the various social media especially Instagram.

Shoe companies are easy target because they spend a lot of money on advertising and marketing efforts.

If you have a huge following on Instagram or other social platforms, you can easily attract Shoe company who will throw money at you for sponsorships and other business deals.

How to Sell Feet Photos Online FAQs

Is it safe to sell my feet pics online?

Should you implement the first Step in opening part of this tutorial which is about protecting your identity by remaining anonymous, you will be perfectly fine.

should you fail to do so, you may run the risk of an online stalker finding your personal information, possibly your place of residence or employment and consequently become a huge distraction at best to your feet photos selling online.

Is it Legal to Sell your feet photos?

The sale of feet pics online is considered just like selling any digital product and thus it is totally legal in several countries including but not limited to USA, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Italy and even China.

Unless your religion prohibits the sale of your image (mostly in Muslim countries), you should be able to sell your feet Photographies online as long as you are not a minor, meaning you are above 18 or 21 deepening on the majority age in your country of residence.

Furthermore, the feet pics you sell could be of other people from whom you have a signed agreement to sell their photos.

So, imagine that your online feet pics business takes off and you want to expand further.

Then, you will offer to pay other people to monetize their feet pics as long as you reach an official singe agreement with such individuals so that you are protected.

TIP>>>>One way to simply do this is to find or create an online agreement form with the correct verbiage and each time you find someone willing to let you take pictures of their feet, the both of you can go to a public notary to sign and legalize your template.

What are the Risks of Selling feet pics online?

As a beginner, you will need to be patient in the early stages to find your correct audience.

In the meantime, you may have to deal with ill-fated individuals online who may try to scam you.

But through perseverance, you should be able to establish yourself quite naturally in this odd yet very lucrative niche business.

How much money do I need to start selling Feet Pics?

To get started selling feet pics online, you will not need any money at all.

You have got your own feet to use as your product.

In order to take nice professional looking pictures, you can use your fancy expensive smartphone.

Yeah, for once instead of it costing you that huge monthly recurrent bill, it will help you generate consistent monthly income so that you can start increasing your net worth.

As a beginner, you can focus on free YouTube photography lessons or leverage free Blogs to get advice on basic professional photography tips.

All in all, this is an online money-making business idea that does not require any inventory or upfront cost.

What are the best payment methods?

Paypal and Cash App are the easiest and most convenient payment methods for this business.

Do I have to Pay Taxes on my sales of feet pics?

Yes, you will have to pay taxes on the money you generate form the digital sale of your feet pictures.

In the USA, starting in 2022, any yearly revenue of more than $600 need to be declared to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

However, you can deduct a lot of your business expenses with the help of your tax professional therefore your labor will not be in vain.

Keep all business receipt from classes and trainings you took, the equipment your invested in so that come tax season, you won’t have to remember all the details.

Here are some of the easy write-offs you will be able to deduct from your taxes at year end.

  • Part of your house rent/mortage for doing business (typically 30%)
  • Electricity bills, Internet Bills
  • Computer usage for business
  • Pedicures, oil, lotions you buy for your feet selling business
  • Photography equipment you buy for your business including your cell phone bill

FINAL THOUGHTS On How TO Sell Feet Pics Online

Selling feet pics online is an original and creative way to make money safely from the comfort of your home.

This business can grow quickly because it does not need a major starting capital investment to get you started.

Down the road, you will be able to expand it by using other people feet pics or setting up your own website to carry your business.

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