What Languages do F1 drivers speak

Formula One (F1) is an international sport that assemble over 20 drivers from all over the world.

In this article, we will discuss what languages do F1 drivers speak, what is the most used language and fun facts about F1 drivers’ languages.

What Languages do F1 drivers speak

The twenty F1 drivers or so come from 14 different countries around the globe ranging from Australia, France, Netherlands, Great Britain or Thailand.

Even though every single F1 driver speaks perfect English as their common professional languages, there are ten (10) other languages F1 drivers speak including Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Finnish, Chinese and even Thai.

F1 Drivers Languages Insights

It is very rare from most F1 drivers not to be at least bilingual since English is the default standard for all of them.

In fact, our research shows that 76% of the F1 drivers in 2022 speak at least two languages, with nearly 24% being able to speak three (3) languages fluently.

What Languages do F1 Drivers speak - 75% of F1 drivers speak at least 2 languages
76% of F1 driver speak at least 2 languages

The most polyglot of them all is by far Sebastian Vettel who can speak up to 5 languages including his native German, Italian, French, Spanish and of course the default English everyone else knows.

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What is the Most Common Language F1 Drivers Speak?

The most common language to all the F1 teams and drivers is English by far.

If dig deeper into our data, we can decipher that the country of origins of the F1 drivers is not evenly distributed.

F1 drivers from Great Britain represent 14% of the whole total, followed by France at 14% as well if we do count the versatile Charles Leclerc as a Frenchie (he is from Monaco).

What Languages do F1 drivers speak - Italian is spoken by F1 drivers even though no Italian driver is present on the Grid in 2022

One country does not have any representation in the driver nationality list even though its language is spoken by almost 20% of the F1 Drivers: Italy

The third place is a 3-way tie between Canada (10%), Germany (10%) and Spain (10%) with two drivers each.

Which F1 Drivers speak French?

France is well represented in the F1 drivers’ nationality with 3 drivers hailing from the hexagon.

In total, there are five (5) driven on the f1 grid in 2022 who can speak French fluently.

F1 DriverNationalityLanguages Spoken
Charles LeclercMonaco /FranceEnglish, French, Italian
Esteban OconFranceEnglish, French, Spanish
Pierre GaslyFranceEnglish, French, Italian
Sebastian VettelGermanyEnglish, German, Italian, French, Spanish
Lance StrollCanadaEnglish, French
F1 Drivers who speak French

From the above list of the five F1 drivers who can speak French, we can denote that three of them can only speak Italian even though none of them is from Italy.

The reason for this is that Italy has two teams in Formula 1 including Scuderi Ferrari and Alpha Tauri.

Which F1 Drivers speak Spanish?

There are five F1 drivers who can speak Spanish including two (Alonso and Carlos Sainz) who are from Spain, Sergio Perez who is from Mexico.

Estaban Ocon has Spanish origins while Sebastian Vettel is simply the most versatile polyglot of them all.

Unlikely F1 Drivers pairing language Wise

Can you imagine a Mexican ho speak Spanish communicate with a Dutch?

Well, such is the current association in 2022 inside Red Bull between Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez.

This type of partnership leads to fun languages games as depicted in the video below.

FINAL THOUGHTS on F1 Drivers Languages

F1 Drivers comes from all around the world.

As of 2022, there were 14 nationalities represented among the F1 drivers with no less than 11 spoken languages raging from English (the default F1 language), French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Danish, Finnish, Thai, Japanese, German and Dutch.

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