What Languages does Andrea Bocelli Speak

Italian born and World-famous tenor Andrea Bocelli overcame an early setback in life to become famous with his voice.

But did you know that the multi-instrumentalist can speak multiple languages.

Find out how many languages Andrea Bocelli speaks, how he learned all of them and some fun facts about your favorite Opera singer.

What Languages does Andrea Bocelli speak

Despite losing his eyesight at age 12 from a football accident, Italian born tenor Andrea Bocelli overcame this physical setback to become a world class performer.

His singing talents have led him to learn multiple languages including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Latin on top of his native Italian so that he can tout the world and share the emotions through his captivating voice.

Does Andrea Bocelli speak English?

Andrea Bocelli has mastered English over the years as attested by his multiple concerts and projects in America.

He has had multiple appearances at Central Park, Barclay center and worked on numerous music for major movies productions including the original soundtrack for the 2000 epic movie “Gladiator”.

In some of his interviews, he may elect to have an English translator.

However, this is not because he does not speak English.

Au contraire, Andre Bocelli is very fluent in English with a great vocabulary that make him even more intriguing.

Listen to his interview below in English regarding the Lyrics of “Nelle tue mani” from the Gladiator movie.

He goes into great details to scrutinize the purpose of the lyrics and what they convey for different situations.

Does Andrea Bocelli Speak French?

As a French speaker, when I listen to Andrea Bocelli sings in French, it goes well beyond just the lyrics.

It is a full emotional experience as he transports your soul into a place of tranquility.

Allow me to direct you to just one song of Andrea Bocelli in French.

The title of this song is “Un reve de Liberte”

I want you to close your eyes, take a deep breath and let the worlds and melody take control of you.

How well does Andrea Bocelli speak French?

He is perfectly fluent in French with all the right intonations and enunciations.

Andrea Bocelli transforms simple words into emotions we cannot feel otherwise.

This is why his Live performances are sought all over the world.

You have to witness them in order to fully capture the moments and each time, you will leave feeling differently not only about yourself but the world you live in.

Andrea Bocelli Languages Summary

Andrea Bocelli linguistic talents do not stop at his native Italian.

He has mastered other international languages as depicted in the table below which enables him to collaborate with other artists from USA, England, Brazil, France, Canada like Celine Dion

How many languages does Bocelli SpeakLevel of Fluency
ItalianNative Language, Fluent
FrenchPerfectly Fluent
EnglishFluent from the many travels in America
SpanishGood Understanding
PortugueseBasic Understanding
What languages does Andrea Bocelli speak?

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Fun Facts about Andrea Bocelli

FUN FACTS about Andrea Bocelli
Full Name Andrea Bocelli
Place of Birth Lajatico, Italy
Date of Birth September 22, 1958 (age 64 as of 2022)
Profession Tenor | Singer | Producer
Height 6Feet 2 inches
Spouses Veronica Berti (married 2014) | Enrica Cenzatti (1992-2002)
Children Matteo, Virginia and Amos Bocelli
Quick Facts about Andrea Bocelli

What is Andrea Bocelli Favorite Team?

Being from Italy, soccer is more than a passion for Andrea Bocelli.

He has been cheering for Inter Milan since his days in college.

In 2010, when Inter Milan won the champions League trophy with Jose Mourinho at the helm with players like Cameroonian legend Samuel Eto’o, Milito, Maicon or Argentine Cambiasso, he described it as the most exhilarating sensation as a sport fan.

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What is Andrea Bocelli Net worth?

Andrea Bocelli has traveled the world to perform for the great audiences as well as for private personalities.

The songwriter and singer has amassed over $100 million of wealth over the years according to the latest Forbes analysis.

FINAL THOUGHTS on Andrea Bocelli Languages

Italian born tenor Andrea Bocelli purpose on Earth is to convey emotions through his singing.

He does this in multiple languages he learned including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Latin and of course his native Italian.

What further increase our admiration for his immense talent is that he accomplishes this goal despite a major life setback at the early age of 12.

Thus, proving once again that our current crippled circumstances can never derail our divine destiny.

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