How Many Languages does Keanu Reeves Speak?

Did you know that the Matrix actor was just as comfortable expressing himself in English as he is in other languages?

Here is how many languages Keanu Reeves can speak and some key insights about your favorite Matrix character.

How Many Languages does Keanu Reeves Speak?

Action movie star Keanu Reeves early life was very tumultuous.

By the time he was 7, he has already lived in four (4) different countries across 3 continents: Lebanon, Australia, USA and Canada.

With such a great mix of rich cultures, Keanu Reeves has understanding of several languages.

As for how many he is fluent in, we can say that he has mastered two languages: English and French.

Which makes him an accomplished bilingual who can travel the world with ease more than most people.

To capture the background on Keanu Reeves spoken languages, we need to consider his upbring.

His mother is an English costume designer from Essex, England.

She met Keanu father (Charles Reeves), an American from Hawaii while she was living in Beirut Lebanon.

Beirut is the birth city of Keanu.

The first name Keanu is of Hawaiian origin because Keanu Reeves paternal grandmother is Chinese Hawaiian.

Unfortunately, Keanu Reeves father left his family when the young boy was 3.

How many languages does Keanu Reeves speak - Keanu Reeves from Beirut to Toronto
Keanu Reeves over the years

His mother moved to Sydney Australia, then New York for her second marriage to American Paul Aaron.

After their move to Toronto, the couple divorced but Keanu stepfather remained present in his life.

This is how Keanu path from Beirut to Toronto via Sydney and New York came about.

He is a naturalized Canadian citizen even though he also holds permanent Green Card resident through his stepfather Paul Aaron.

Keanu could have potential learned to speak Arabic if his family stayed in Lebanon longer.

Instead, he grew up in Cosmopolitan Toronto where English was the predominant language for him and his sisters.

Does Keanu Reeves Speak Spanish?

After the analysis of several Spanish interviews with Keanu Reeves, we can conclude that Keanu is not fluent in Spanish at all.

In fact, he struggled with basic Spanish vocabulary while promoting one of the Matrix movies on a Spanish TV media.

He is a good sport for trying but does not get a passing grade in this class.

How Well does Keanu Reeves Speak French?

In opposition to his Spanish skills, Keanu Reeves is much more at ease with French.

He definitely understands French language better than he can speak it.

His English accent when speaking French is present but not too overwhelming.

With practice, he can certainly improve and increase his semantics.

Here is a short video from French YouTube Channel that compares Keanu Reeves vs Bradley Cooper speaking French.

Keanu Reeves speaking French

I have to admit I was very surprised by the outcome of the video on who speak French better.

Does Keanu Reeves Speak Russian

Many fans may wonder of Keanu Reeves speak Russian in real life based on his work on the film series John Wick.

According to the reaction of many real Russian Spoken in John Wick is basic at best.

Furthermore, Keanu Reeves managed to work with translators on the movie set of Siberia with real time invested in seriously learning the Russian language.

In his personal time, the John Wick actor has revealed his passion for old school Russian movies which has helped him in his rendering of Russian speaking characters.

Consequently, we conclude that Keanu Reeves has the ability to maintain a decent meaningful conversation in Russian language.

Keanu Reeves Full Bio

Keanu family life was very fluid while growing up.

His mother went through 3 other marriages following her divorce from Keanu father.

Full Name Keanu Charles Reeves
Place of Birth Beirut, Lebanon
Date of Birth (Age) September 2, 1964 (age 58 as of 2022)
Occupation Actor | Musician | Director | Producer
Parents Samuel Nowlin Reeves | Patricia Taylor
Siblings Kim Reeves, Emma Reeves, Karina Miller
Quick Facts about Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves Movies

Critics have not always been kind to Keanu Reeves performances in movies.

Nonetheless, here are some of his most acclaimed contributions to the art.

River’s edge [1987]Bil l& Ted’s Excellent Adventure [1989]My Own Private Idaho [1991]Much Ado about Nothing [1993]
Speed [1994]The Matrix [1999]John Wick [2014]John Wick: Chapter 2 [2017]
John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum [2019]Toy Story 4 [2019]
Keanu Reeves most famous movies

If you were to hold a poll of Keanu reeves’ fan, 90% of them would summarize him as an action movie start know for martial arts.

In fact, in 2021, Taekwondo Life Magazine named Keanu Reeves the “#1 Martial Arts movie start in the world” due to his prolific movies in the genre.

What is Keanu Reeves Net Worth?

Many fans are wondering why Keanu Reeves net worth is as high as $380 million.

The answer is that Keanu was part of two franchise movies (The Matrix and John Wick) that grossed billions of dollars worldwide.

Hence, he naturally earned and continue to get income from his work even though he has not enjoyed any recent commercially successful film.

People Also Ask FAQs

Who is Keanu Reeves Wife?

Keanu Reeves has remained very discrete about his personal life over years.

However, in 2019, he reveled that he and longtime friend Alexandra Grant (they wrote two books together)

were in fact in a romantic relationship.

The couple did not share any pending marriage plans that we know.

Should that be in case in the future, we shall keep you informed.

How many Languages Can Keanu Reeeves Speak
Does Keanu Reeves Speak French?

What is Keanu reeves Ethnicity?

Keanu Reeves is of white ethnicity.

His mother is from Essex, England while his birth father is an American from Hawaii.

However, through his father lineage, he has a Chinese Hawaiian grandmother who exposed him to Chinese art, cuisine and furniture.

What is Keanu Reeves Age?

Keanu Reeves has been celebrating his birthday every September 2 since 1964.

Therefore, as of 2022, he is at the prime age of 58 though he does not look like it especially without his newfound beard.

Keanu Reeves in social media

In his rare social media posts, we learned that Keanu Reeves is a huge Tennis enthusiast.

More precisely, he admires another polyglot we have depicted in these columns who he calls the G.O.A.T

In America and maybe somewhere else in the world, being called the GOAT is not bad at all.

On the contrary, G.O.A.T stands for Greatest of All Time!

According to Keanu, Novak Djokovic is the Tennis GOAT.

Here is the Tweet he posted after Novak Djokovic won the Australian Open for the ninth time in 2022.

FINAL THOUGHTS On Keanu Reeves Spoken Languages

Keanu Reeves in bilingual in French and English.

His ancestral heritage may have predestined him to acquire multiple other languages such as Chinese (from his parental grandmother) but to date, he can get by just fine tin the world by knowing how to Say: “Bon Cine” et “Au Revoir”

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