What Languages does Jodie Foster speak

Academy-award winner Jodie Foster has captured our emotions in cinema for over three decades now.

But this you know that the Silence of the Lambs actress can speak multiple languages.

I will share how many languages does Jodie Foster speak, how she learnt them and her level of efficiency with each language.

What Languages does Jodie Foster Speak

Los Angeles born Jodie Foster was a gifted child who learn to speak at three.

She attended a French only High school (Lycée Francais de Los Angeles) before graduating from Ivy league Yale University.

By the time she started traveling the world for the seventh art, she already spoke multiple languages including English (her native language), French, Italian, Spanish and German.

Does Jodie Foster Speak French?

Jodie Foster fluency in French started when she was in High school at Lycée Francais de Los Angeles.

Her valedictorian speech was in all French which tells us how much she excelled at this language.

While growing up in Paris in the mid-80’s, I remember that she would be invited on Primetime Television shows, and she would speak French the entire time.

I was mesmerized to see an American who could communicate with such great ease in Moliere’s language.

What Languages does Jodie Foster speak - Jodie plays her own French lines in movies

Iconic Actress Jodie Foster is so fluent in French you may not even guess she is California born.

How Well does Jodie Foster speak French?

Jodie Foster is so good at speaking French she carries her own French lines in movies.

She obviously perfected the accent (she does not have any) with many trips for her roles in France but watching old interviews of hers, even the French speaker I am can easily think she is a Parisian born and raised.

In the short video YouTube video below, many viewers are in awe of her mastery of the French language with all the small nuances as a native French speaker would use.

If you are looking to improve your French, you can certainly learn a great deal by listening to Jodie Foster communicate in French.

Can Jodie Foster Speak Italian?

One foreign language was not enough for the gifted student of the arts Jodie Foster is.

Her Yale education enabled her to pick up Italian as well so that she could be an all-around actress with no language limitation should a role come up.

On a scale of 1 through 10, since we already know that she deserves a 10/10 in French, her Italian speaking skills deserves at least an 8 out 10.

She is usually very modest about her linguistic skills in front of camera.

However, the simple fact that she has devoted time to learn so many languages makes her more endearing in the eyes of her many fans worldwide.

Jodie Foster Languages Summary

Jodie Foster is a multi-polyglot who has mastered as many as five languages with various levels of efficiency as depicted in the table below.

How many languages does Jodie Foster SpeakLevel of Fluency
EnglishNative Language, Fluent
FrenchPerfectly Fluent, Attended Lycée Francais in Los Angeles
ItalianFluent from the many travels in Europe
SpanishGood Understanding
GermanBasic Understanding
What languages does Jodie Foster speak?

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Jodie Foster Full Bio

Jodie Foster grew up with her mother and three older siblings in Los Angeles.

Her older Brother “Buddy” is also an actor.

FUN FACTS about Jodie Foster
Full Name Alicia Christian “Jodie” Foster
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California, USA
Date of Birth November 19, 1962 (age 60 as of 2022)
Profession Actress | Director | Producer
Height 5Feet 3 inches
Parents Evelyn Ella Almond, Lucius Fisher Foster III
Children Kit Bernard Foster, Charles Bernard Foster
Quick Facts about Jodie Foster

People Also Ask FAQs on Jodie Foster Languages

Why did Jodie Foster change her name?

Her full name is Alicia Christian Foster.

After a while, her siblings started calling her “Jodie” and the name was adopted as we know it now.

There was not really much of a name change rather the adoption of a much cooler first name Jodie over Alicia.

It is very common in America for people to call you a different name that your given first name and of you like the new name, that may well be your default name.

What is Jodie Foster Net worth?

Is Jodie Foster a billionaire? She may not quite yet be, but she has done very well financially.

As an actress, producer and director, Jodie Foster has multiple sources of income to help grow her already immense net worth valued at over $100 million as of 2022.

FINAL THOUGHTS on Jodie Foster Languages

There are very few actors or actress in Hollywood who are more well-rounded than Jodie Foster.

She learned foreign languages through her education from her early days at French Lycée of Los Angeles.

Later in her life, her profession enabled Jodie Foster to travel abroad and perfect her skills in many languages including French, Italian, Spanish and German.

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