Where To Find Coinstar Machine Near Me – Easy No Fee Trick

Times are dire and you are looking to convert your spare or lose changes coins into real money you can use for a big purchase or just the weekly grocery?

A CoinStar machine is the answer to your problem.

This step-by-step guide will show you where to find your closest Coinstar machine and more importantly how to avoid paying the fee so that you can maximize your takeaway money from your nickels and pennies.

Find a Coinstar Machine Near Me in 2022

So, you have several cookie jars or water bottle full of coins but not sure where to transform this bounty into usable currency?

Coinstar machine or kiosk is the perfect place to do just that.

Click on the link below to find out the closest Coinstar machine near you regardless of your location.

In fact, Coinstar is taking steps to increase its international presence in the following countries outside of the USA.

Coinstar is present in the following 8 international countries.

USAEnglandFrance Ireland
Coinstar is available in 8 countries worldwide

In the USA, Coinstar has indicated that over 90% of the population lives within 5 miles of a Coinstar kiosk.

I put that statement to the test by entering different zip codes across the USA from California to New York without forgetting Hawaii.

The success rate was relatively close to that 90% figure the company provided 🙂

Steps to Use CoinStar Machine

A recent publication report from the United States Mint shows that it cost more to produce pennies and nickels.

The figures show that the $0.01 or 1 cent (called penny) costs 1.8 cents to produce this coin to which you can add admirative and distribution costs.

In total, you get one single penny, the US is spending 2.1 cents more than the double of the value of this coin most of us do not even give any importance.

Similar story for the 5 cents coin which costs about 9 cents to be produced.

No wonder, there is a shortage of coins everywhere you go nowadays.

Even at a recent airport restaurant, I saw a sign like the ones below urging Americans to urge other methods of payments.

Where to find Coinstar Machine near me - Coin shortage signs at US businesses
Coin Shortage Signs at Various US businesses

Therefore, consider yourself the proud owner of a rare asset when transforming your coins into more valuable money.

When you identify the location of your closest CoinStar machine or kiosk, simply bring your change and pour it into the large opening of the machine.

This big green and yellow box (that is the standard color of Coinstar machine in the US, maybe some variation of that in your country) will take care of accurately counting your coins (as long as they are legit).

Your coins are weighted individually so make sure that they are within the expected specifications. One such specification is the magnetic property of each one of the valid coins.

After it is done, you will receive a voucher that you will take for processing to obtain your money.

What Stores offer Coinstar Near Me | US and Canada

Big known retail and convenience store are the prime locations for Coinstar machines and kiosks.

As of this writing, there are over twenty thousand (20000) Coinstar machines in use in the world.

Simply click on the button below to locate the one near to your place of residence.

The table below outlines major business where you are more than likely to find a CoinStar Kiosk in USA and Canada.

CountryCoinstar Machine at Stores Name
CanadaFood Basics
CanadaThe Real Canadian Superstore
CanadaTD Canada Trust
USAWalmart | CVS | Kroger | Vons| Randalls | HEB
USAKing Soopers| Safeway | Harvey’s | Superior Grocers
EnglandASDA | Morrisons | Sainsbury’s stores| Tesco
Coinstar Locations at Retail stores in England, Canada and USA

In Summary:

If you are in Canada, Food Basics could be a good place to start looking for a Coinstar kiosk.

Should you be in England, try out ASDA and Morrissons stores to exchange your coins into “real money”.

In the good o’le USA, Walmart, CVS, Kroger (known as Ralphs is the West Coast) are excellent places with high probability of finding a Constar machine.

What is the Fee to Use Coinstar Machine?

Coinstar is a fully pledged business that makes money primarily from the fees it collects for this service.

Therefore, expect to give back about 12% (11.9% precisely in the USA) of the value of your coins.

In my research about the international fees, some charge as low as 7% in England for instance.

Also, there are variations from one store to another.

My advice is to make a stop at a couple of locations nearby you and compare the cost of exchanging your small change.

How much is 11.9% fee worth in real money depending on the size of your cookie jars coins?

Value of Your CoinsHow Much Fee you Can Expect to Pay at CoinStar KioskHow much $$ you will Take Home
Example of Coinstar Fees as a function of your Coins Value

To put things in perspective, the average weekly grocery cost for a family of 4 in the USA is about $45.

Therefore, for a transaction at Coinstar over $00, you may be giving away a whole weekly meal budget.

Hence, something has to be better than paying for the above CoinStar fees.

Find out how next.

Tips and Tricks to Avoid Coinstar Usage fee

When at a Coinstar kiosk, you will have the choice to transform your voucher into real money or an electronic gift card also called eGift card.

When you choose this option, you will be able to keep the full value of your bounty.

Now, in many years living and researching eGift cards, there is a major reason why Coinstar and other companies gladly issue these.

They have found that over 50% of the gift cards are NEVER REDEEMED thus there is whole financial strategy behind the eGift cards in America.

Do not fall for that and become part of the statistic.

I ham part of the statistic because several times I have failed to use the eGift card before its expiration.

Plan ahead where you will redeem your eGift card after the Coinstar transaction.

Available no fee Options at Coinstar

Different stores may offer different eGift Cards partners.

Therefore, here is how to proceed before selecting your Coinstar kiosk.

  1. Click below to find the nearest Coinstar machines to your location.

2. On the top of the map, enter your address or zip code to see all the Coinstar kiosks near to you as shown below

How to find Coinstar Machine near me - Coinstar Machine locator
Coinstar Machine locator helps with eGift Selection

3. On the left-hand side, you can click on Kiosk services to reveal the brand that participate in the NO Fee eGift Card exchange

Alternatives to Coinstar Machine

Other than Coinstar kiosk, you can exchange your coins at some banks.

In researching this article, I went to three different banks, one of which I have an account with.

I just so happen that they are a credit union.

I learned that they is a fee for counting your small coins if you do not have an account at that bank.

Also, one of them, JPMorgan chase to name it, precisely told me that they do not offer this service if the total value of your bounty is greater than $200.

But, depending on where you live in the USA, Chase banks branches are so prolific that you may just have to visit 2 or 3should you need to.

Is Coinstar Free at Walmart Locations

No, Coinstar kiosks are not free at Walmart.

You will have to pay a fee totaling 11.9% of the total value of your coins.

Can I donate my Coins to Charity in 2023?

Absolutely, you have the option to donate your coins to charity.

Each kiosk offers a list of Charities you can donate to.

Some of the most prominent in the USA include American Red Cross, Feeding America, United way of America, Make-A-Wish-Foundation of America, NAACP Empowerment Programs and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

How to find out if your Kisok offer a specific charity?

How to find Coinstar Machine near me - how to select a Charity on Coinstar kiosk
How to Select a Charity at Coinstar Kiosk?

Use the Kiosk locator, click on the services available at that Coinstar kiosk and a list of the available charities will be presented to you.

How to Reach CoinStar Customer Service?

Should you ever have the need to reach Coinstar, the company has a customer service phone number:800-928-2274.

Its representatives can be reached Live from 5am to 10pm Pacific Time.

The headquarters of the CoinStar are in Bellevue, Washington at the following corporate address:

Coinstar, LLLC | 330120th Ave NE| Bellevue, WA 98005 USA

Can you Transform your Coins into Crypto at Coinstar?

Yes, instead of exchanging your small change into big money, you can opt to get Crypto currency from Coinstar kiosk.

How does it work?

Check out this short YouTube video to get full details on how to buy Bitcoin at Coinstar kiosk.

Buying Bitcoin at Coinstar is Easy as 1,2,3

Can you Use CoinStar Machines at BuildClub stores?

No, CoinStar kiosks are not currently available inside BuildClub Stores.

Should that become true in the feature, we will make sure to update you.

FINAL THOUGHTS On Finding Machine Near Me

Coinstar is an American based international cash-counting-company that make it possible to turn small change into real usable money with presence in 8 countries so far.

I shared how you can use the CoinStar Kiosk map locator near you to identify the suitable eGift merchant for you.

Or you can find out a specific charity you can donate your money to make a difference in the life of others.

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