How Many languages does Matt Gutman Speak?

American reporter Matt Gutman is known for traveling the world and bringing breaking news stories.

But do you know how many languages Matt Gutman speaks?

Find out the answer to this question and new insights about the life of your favorite journalist.

How many Languages Can Matt Gutman Speak?

Matt Gutman has been traveling the world since 2000 as a well-known news reporter and correspondent.

He has covered stories in more than 40 countries including an extensive stay of 8 years in the Middle East where he learned how to speak Arabic.

His other foreign experience led him in two countries in South America: Argentia in 2000 and Venezuela in 2016.

Therefore, Matt Gutman can speak his native English language, Arabic and some Spanish.

How did Mat Gutman learn so many languages?

On two of his social media profiles, Matt Gutman motto is: “I travel places, listen to people and tell their story”.

Indeed, he has traveled a great deal in his career as a news reporter.

This means that he has come to contact with people speaking other languages than English.

That by itself may have made him a very good listener because we tend to pay more attention when our brain needs to process a different language.

Traveling to countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon Venezuela and Argentina is what enabled Matt Gutman to learn other foreign languages.

How many languages does Matt Gutman speak - Matt Gutman at different functions
ABC Chief National Correspondent Matt Gutman

Can Matt Gutman Speak Spanish?

Matt Gutman lived in Argentina for almost a year in 2000.

He was employed as a freelancer reporter for Buenos Aires Daily which does not exist anymore.

From this experience, Matt Gutman picked up a few Spanish words.

He may not be fluent in Spanish but certainly know how to find his way in a Spanish speaking country like Venezuela where he had to overcome a 5-day jail time for suspicion of espionage.

How did Matt Gutman become famous?

You may know Matt Gutman as the host of the TV show Sea Rescue between 2014 and 2018.

The show was about wildlife.

In total, Matt Gutman hosted 120 episodes of the show.

In 2016, Matt Gutman was reporting in Venezuela, South America on the collapse of the country health care system.

His work drew the local police attention which led to his detention for 5 days because the country intelligences services wanted to confirm that she was not a spy.

Matt Gutman is also the author of the book “The Boys in the Cave” depicting the rescue of a soccer team in the Tham Luang (Thailand) cave.

Since its publication in November 2018, the book has been translated into six languages, nonetheless.

Matt Gutman Full Bio

Though many people may think that Matt Gutman is of foreign origins, he was born in the good old USA.

He serves as chief National correspondent for American Television broadcast ABC News.

Here is his full bio.

FUN FACTS about Matt Gutman
Full Name Matthew A. Gutman
Place of Birth Westfield, New Jersey, USA
Date of Birth (Age) December 5, 1977 (age 45 as of 2022)
Occupation News Reporter and Correspondent
Spouse Daphna Venyige (2017 – present)
Parents Paul J. Gutman | Sharon Gutman
Siblings Sister | Rachel Gutman
Quick Facts about Matt Gutman

How to reach Matt Gutman on social media

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LinkedIn | Matt Gutman
Matt Gutman social media profiles

People Also Ask FAQs about Matt Gutman

What is Matt Gutman doing now?

After a brief suspension due Covid-19 related infractions, Matt Gutman is back serving as ABC News Chief National Corresponding.

His work office is located in Los Angeles, California.

What nationality is Matt Gutman from ABC News?

Matt Gutman was born in New Jersey, Unites States of AMerica.

Therefore, his nationality is American at birth.

The fact that he has traveled in so many countries over the years make him a citizen of the world.

How Old is Matt Gutman of ABC News?

Matt Gutman was born on December 5, 1977.

Therefore, as of 2022, he is barely 45 years old thus enjoying his primetime.

How did Matt Gutman and his wife meet?

Matt Gutman and his wife Daphna Venyige were employees of ABC Nwes, albeit in different departments.

After their marriage in May 2017, Daphna resigned from her position at ABC.

How many languages does Matt Gutman speak - Matt and his Wife Daphna
Matt Gutman with Wife Daphna and their children

The couple has 2 children: a boy (Ben) and a girl named Libby.

The family happily lives in sunny California.

Matt Gutman enjoys a very quiet and secretive life therefore very little is known about further details.

Where did Matt Gutman go to college?

Matt Gutman attend Newark Academy and went to Williams College.

He played Football and graduated in 2000.

It was after completing his bachelor’s degree that Matt embarked into his first journalist job in Argentina.

FINAL THOUGHTS on Matt Gutman Spoken Languages

Traveling the world, listening to people and telling their stories is what Matt Gutman wants to be known for.

He has done extremely well over the last decade in this capacity as he continues to bring captivating news to his audiences globally.

In doing so, he learned a few languages and inspired future generation to embrace news reporting as a career.

Who speaks more languages between Matt Gutman and fellow International Chief Correspondent Clarissa Ward of CNN?

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