How many languages does Clarissa Ward speak

British American Television journalist Clarissa Ward has excelled at reporting news in war zones for over a decade now.

But did you know that this Yale graduate actually speaks multiple languages.

Learn how many languages Clarissa Ward speaks, her level of proficiency in each language and how she mastered so many given her busy family life.

How many languages does Clarissa Ward speak?

British born and American educated international news correspondent Clarissa Ward has been traveling the world since 2016.

As a chief CNN international correspondent, she gets to use her 7 languages she has mastered over the years from her stay in Beirut, Lebanon or Russia.

These languages include English, French, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Spanish and basic Mandarin Chinese.

Does Clarissa Ward Speak French?

As part of her education at Wycombe Abbey boarding school in England, French was one of the languages she learned at a very young age.

Later at Yale University, she said that she was preparing to become an actress.

As such, she was studying French, Italian and Russian literature.

Though she speaks Fluently, I have not found a public speaking of her speaking in French.

Even on a French radio interview with France Inter in 2019, she used a translator sitting next to her.

Maybe like many, she might be shy about speaking French in official settings as she may fear not to be fully understood.

How many languages does Clarissa Ward speak? - CNN international correspondent knows 7 languages

Can Clarissa Ward speak Spanish?

Clarissa ward stated that she can read and understand Spanish.

In recent years, there has not been an international assignment for her in a Spanish speaking location so therefore, she may not practice Spanish as often as her other languages.

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How well Does Clarissa Ward Speak Italian?

Clarissa Ward is fluent in Italian as she extensively studied Italian literature at Yale University.

At the time, she taught she would become an actress.

She shared a story where she went to China for 3 months after graduating from Yale.

There, she acted as Uma Thurman stand in in the famous movie Kill Bill.

This was a great opportunity for her to gain more knowledge and confidence in her Mandarin Chinese skills.

She quickly realized that acting was not for her and thus abandoned that career path.

Is Clarissa Ward Fluent in Arabic?

We know that Clarissa Ward was based in Beirut, Lebanon for quite a while.

She also spent a great deal of time embedded with US troops in Iraq.

Arabic language was very important to her assignments as she acted as a translator between two different Worlds at time of these international crisis.

Ward herself claims that she only has conversational skills in Arabic yet that is good enough to excel at what she does: Talk to people and reports their stories.

What Languages does Clarissa Ward Speak?

Super polyglot Clarissa Ward has mastered 7 languages with diverse level of efficiency.

These are summarized in the table below.

How many Languages does Clarissa Ward Speak?Level of Fluency
EnglishNative speaker, Perfectly Fluent
FrenchFluent, studied at Boarding schools
ItalianFluent, studied Italian literature at Yale
Russian Conversation Level, Lived in Moscow, Russia from October2007 to October 2010
ArabicConversation Level, Lived in Beirut, Lebanon
SpanishReading and Comprehension skills
Mandarin ChineseBasic understanding,
What Languages does Clarissa Ward speak?

Here is a short YouTube video of Clarissa Clark speaking about the importance of languages in her line of work.

Clarissa Ward Full Bio

Clarissa Ward was born in London, England to a British father and an American mother.

She attended two boarding schools which prepared her well to international languages prior to moving to America to complete her bachelor’s at Yale University.

FUN FACTS About Clarissa Ward
Full Name Clarissa Ward
Place of Birth London, United Kingdom
Date of Birth January 31, 1980 (age 42 as of 2022)
Occupation Journalist | International Correspondent
Height 5Feet 6 inches
Education Yale University
Parents Rodney Ward & Donan Ward
Children Ezra Albrecht Nikolas Nour
Quick Facts about Clarissa Ward

How did Clarissa Ward become Famous?

Clarissa Ward has worked for multiple American news network since embracing her journalistic career from Fox, through ABC News, CBS News and currently CNN where she is the Chief International correspondent.

She has covered major international events especially in War zones from Iraq, Lebanon or Afghanistan recently.

Her claim of fame may well be her nomination in 2015 as the head international reporter for the Atlanta based media.

How many languages does Clarissa Ward speak? - Clarissa Ward speak 7 languages

CNN International Chief Correspondent was thinking of becoming an actress before she realized her calling to Journalism in 2001.

What is Clarissa Ward Net Worth?

According to public sources, Clarissa Ward net worth is $1 million from her salary as news network journalist.

She is also married to German fund manager Phillip von Bernstorff whose net worth is over 2.5 billion thus her potential net worth is definitely much higher than what her salary suggests.

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People Also Ask FAQs about Clarissa Ward Languages

Is Clarissa Ward still married?

Clarissa Ward married Phillip von Bernstorff, a fund manager in November 2016.

The wedding took place at London’s Chealsea Old Town Hall

The couple had two children and lives in London when Clarissa is not on special assignments internationally.

How old is Clarissa Ward?

Clarissa Ward celebrates her birthdays every January 31 since 1980.

Therefore, she is 42years old ass of 2022.

Her astrological sign is Aquarius which makes her compatible with fellow Aquarius, Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius.

Famous Aquarius people Michael Jordan, Jennifer Anniston, Kelly Rowland, Alicia Keys, Chris Rock or Cristiano Ronaldo, the ever “nemesis” to Lionel Messi.

Where is Clarissa Ward Now?

After working for ABC news and CBS news, Clarissa word is currently chief international correspondent for CNN network.

Final Thoughts on How many Languages does Clarissa Ward speak

Languages are very important for international news journalist Clarissa Ward as she leverages them to tell the stories of the chaotic world we leave in.

She has mastered 7 of them as she continues to excel at her in her career.

How many languages does Clarissa Ward speak? - Clarissa Ward vs Matt Gutman

In the Battle of International Chief correspondent between Matt Gutman and Clarissa Ward, who has the edge in number of Spoken Languages?

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