What is Melissa Reeves net worth – Is this true?

Melissa Reeves has been playing on NBC iconic series Day of Our Live for over 26 years.

Many of her fans may wonder what Melissa Reeves net worth from this work and her other contributions as an actress is.

Melissa Reeves Net Worth

Melissa Reeves is an American Actress who was born in 1967 as Melissa Brennan.

She became Melissa Reeves in 1990 when she married Scoot Reeves.

Father Lawrence Brennan
Mother Marion Brennan
Date of Birth (Age) March 14 1967 (55)
Place of Birth Eatontown, New Jersey, USA
Children Emily Taylor Reeves & Lawrence David Reeves
Siblings David Brennan
Quick Facts about Melissa Reeves

Over the course of her illustrious Soap Opera actress career, Melissa Reeves has accumulated a net worth of over $1.5 Million according to multiple sources such as Wikipedia, Forbes and Business Insider.

Melissa Reeves Filmography

Melissa Reeves has been active as an actress since1983.

Though she has been rarely cast in films, she has managed a few roles as depicted on the table below.

YearFilm TitleRole
1983Somewhere, TomorrowGeorgina
1987Summer Camp NightmareHeather
1992Days of Our Lives: One Stormy NightJennifer Horton
1993Days of Our Lives: Night SinsJennifer Horton
1994Day of Our Lives: Winter HeatJennifer Horton
1999Half a Dozen BabiesBecki Dilley
Films starring Melissa Reeves

In contrast, Melissa Reeves Television roles dwarf her movies contribution.

It started in 1984 -1985 Season of the famous Santa Barbara where she portrayed the role of Jade Perkins.

This contribution alone led to her to a nomination for the Best Young Artist award for Best Actress in a Daytime or Nighttime Television Series.

Melissa Reeves Days of Our Lives

Here is a summary of her on and off involvement in the NBC acclaimed Soap Opera.

1985-1995Jennifer Horton
2000-2006Jennifer Horton
2010-2020Jennifer Horton in Days of Our Lives
2021-2022Guest appearances
Melissa Reeves Days our Lifes

It was reported recently that her fans were not pleased when they learned that Melissa Reeves role was given to another actress on the famous Soap Opera days of Our Lives.

How many grandkids does Mellissa Reeves have?

Scott and Melissa Reeves have two kids.

One girl Emily Taylor and one boy named Lawrence David.

Her daughter Emily Taylor gave birth to two kids thus making Melissa Reeves a grandmother of 2.

What is Melissa Reeves net worth? - many faces of Soap Opera actress Melissa Reeves
The Many faces of Soap Opera Actress Melissa Reeves

Who is Melissa Reeves Dating?

Mellissa Reeves is not currently dating.

She is still married to her husband Scott Reeves.

That is pretty rare in Hollywood given that these two tied the knot in March of 1990.

Congratulations to the grandparents.

So, if you are looking for Who is Melissa Reeves baby daddy, the answer is simply no one or you may have the incorrect Melissa Reeves.

Why Did Melissa Reeves Leave days of Our Lives?

In a recent candid interview, the star revealed why she left the Soap Opera Days of Our Lives and where she is Now.

Watch the Video below.

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