Bradley Martyn net worth – 2023 Surprise

Over the last 10 years, Bradley Martyn has become a YouTube superstar with his online fitness program.

This has led him to many lucrative business ventures to the point where many of his followers are wondering Bradley Martyn net worth in 2023.

Find out below as well as some secret fun facts about his life.

Bradley Martyn net worth 2023 update

Thanks to his multiple business ventures, Bradley Martyn has accumulated a net worth of over $2 million according to recent analysis by Business Insider and Forbes.

This includes Bradley Martyn clothing line, fitness membership and his social media monetization on platforms such as YouTube and Instagram.

How did Bradley Martyn become famous?

His fitness coaching business took off in 2014 when he started his own YouTube channel.

With the help of the high reaching social media platform, the recognition quickly ensued.

The launch of subsequent business ventures (he is the cofounder of Lean Meals Inc) was a natural evolution of many YouTubers.

Once they gain worldwide fan base, it is easier to offer products that fits the need of your believers.

Bradley Martyn Fitness Membership

The fitness Membership has a very high subscription rate especially in California where Bradley Martin is based.

Bradley Martyn Full Bio

Full Name Bradley Martyn
Email Contact
Date of Birth (Age) May 22, 1989 (age 33 as of 2022)
Profession Fitness Coach | CEO | YouTuber
Spouse TBD
Place of Residence Los Angeles, California
Quick Facts about Bradley Martyn

Bradley Martyn clothing

Bradley Martyn is the CEO of which he created in July of 2012.

You can order all type of fitness and regular apparels.

He considers Rawgear as “the people’s brand” with the purpose to uplift people in their endeavors.

The motto for this is #Letsgetbettertogether.

On can shop eBooks, women Apparel (prices are surprisingly affordable), lifting gears and many accessories.

Some of the best sellers include shorts and shirts with rice ranging from $17 to $39.

Bradley Martyn height

It helps to be tall to build such a strong shape as Bradley stands 6ft3 for a body weight around 240lbs.

Bradley Martyn net worth 2023 surprise - Bradley Martyn muscles on several pictures
Bradley Martyn has stopped bodybuilding competitions

Here are his favorite foods to help build muscles:

Salmon | Quinoa | Greek Yoghurt | Almond Butter | Bell Peppers

Bradley Martyn age

As of June 2022, Bradley Martyn just turned 33 years young.

He continues to follow his daily fitness routine to maintain his great physical dispositions.

When it comes to dieting, Bradley Martyn has adopted intermittent dieting.

This consists of several hours (less than 24) of fasting followed by bigger meals over a short time.

Bradley Martyn on social media

Bradley Martyn (@bradleymartyn) | TwitterBradley Martyn | Facebook
Bradley Martyn (@bradleymartyn | TikTokBradley Martyn | CEO | LinkedIn

Bradley Martyn YouTube

On top of his 4.2 million followers on Instagram, his self-titled YouTube channel shows over 3.1million subscribers as of June 2022.

Needless to say, that at this pace, he is likely to reach the staggering 5million subscribers in the next decade.

Here is one of his recent motivational videos on why you should have a 6-pack.

Fun Facts about Bradley Martyn

  • How much can Bradley Martyn bench? about 430 pounds according to the coach himself.

  • Bradley Martyn dropped out of college within a semester of completing his education.

  • Should you decide to adopt Bradley Martyn workout routine, the table below shows what part of your body you ought to be tackling each day.

Legs & CalvesShouldersChestBackRest DayTriceps and BackJumping Rope
Bradley Martyn Weekly Workout Routine

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