3 Meanings of interlocked fingers when holding hands with your partner

Do you remember the last time you were in the early stage of a relationship; how long did it take you and your partner to start holding hands?

There are different explanations on how a couple holds hand.

What does it mean when you hold hands while interlocking your fingers?

Interlocking fingers Meaning imply a stronger connection

According to Toronto based couple’s therapist at the Neurofeedback and psychotherapy Centre, a couple holding hand while interlocking their fingers denotes a deeper connection.

This suggest you are on the same wavelength as your partner.

The fingers coming together is a sign of agreement on how you both feel at the time.

Since we know that body language is a subconscious decision most of the time, you ought to keep in mind that the holding of the hands at a particular time does not define the nature of your entire relationship.

Interlocked Fingers in an early relationship

If you have recently been dating, then any touching signifies a desire for greater intimacy.

The reason being is that prior to locking hands, you may have just been being at the casual level.

Now, by this action, you are letting each other know that you want more.

More commitment for instance or simply taking the relationship to the next level.

What does holding hands mean to a guy?

Hands holding for a guy by a girl suggests that she likes you enough to consider exploring the relationship further.

It is a sign of encouragement that you may enjoy a higher degree of intimacy.

That is why this takes time and rarely happen on the first or second date.

Guys usually are looking for clues whether the girl is into them.

Well, this has to be a big validation sign.

The key is to be patient and wait for it to come naturally.

Meaning of interlocked fingers when holding hands with your partner - different types of hand holding
Couple holding hands with different postures

The corollary of the above explanation is that if only a few fingers are touching while holding hands, then all may not be going that great in the relationship.

There is a high probability that you are not in full agreement on all part of the relationship.

The lad may still be holding back to her independence maybe because you as a guy has not totally demonstrated that you can be trusted.

Trust will unlock body language communication more than you can imagine.

Interlocked Fingers in a long-Term Relationship

In the case of a couple that has been together for a while, example a long-time married couple, holding hands is a validation of their life.

They may have had children who are grown now, and they are just proud to sunset together into their journey.


We explained how holding hands while interlocking fingers can translate into a deeper connection between the two individuals in the relationship.

Also, it is important to note remember that this body language may be valid only for a set period of time.

It does not always necessarily characterize the whole relationship.

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