What Languages does Luka Modric Speak?

Croatian soccer player may dazzle you with his fluidity and great vision on the soccer fields.

But did you know that the charismatic Real Madrid midfielder is an accomplished polyglot you can converse with in many languages.

Find out how many languages Luka Modric can speak, how fluent he is with each and how he managed to master them.

What Languages does Luka Modric Speak?

Real Madrid midfield leader Luka Moric was born in Croatia and was lived through the war to become one of the best soccer players in the world.

He endures displacement as his family lived his in a hotel for several years.

By the time he made it in big European teams, he was fluent in most of the languages spoken in Croatia: Croatian, Serbian, Czech and Slovak.

His tenure at Spanish side enabled him to master Sanish and English as the latter is the default language in soccer international competitions.

What is Luka Modric Native Language?

Luka Modric native language is Croatian as both of his parents are for Croatia.

He spent his early years with this grandfather after whom he was named as a goat shepherd in the small village of Modrici.

How many languages does Luka Modric speak? - Rel Madrid #10 over 10 years

Luka Modric has spent over a decade in Spain with his Soccer Club Real Madrid.

He has 5 Champions League to his name during this time.

Does Luka Modric Speak Spanish?

Luka Modric has been living in Spain since 2012 following a four-year stint in England with Tottenham Spurs.

He is able to perfect his English while living in London as the majority of his teammates shared that common language.

In Spain, he learned Spanish over the years as he quickly became part of the starting XI.

In many interviews, he may elect to speak his native Croatian during international competitions, but he often speaks in Spanish in La Lagua press conferences.

How Well does Luka Modric Speak Spanish?

Modric is fully fluent in Spanish as he praises his coming to Real Madrid as the best thing that could have happened to his career.

He does not have any noticeable accent when he speaks Spanish.

you can tell that he uses the language on a regular basis during his interactions either with his teammates or the fans.

We know how loyal the Spanish fans are with their players so it goes a long way for Modric to take the time to master Spanish so that he can better relate to those who cheer for him every weekend.

Here is a video of Luka Modric explaining in Spanish the emotions his stay in Madrid has brought to his life.

Luka Modric Full interview in Spanish

Can Luka Modric Speak Italian?

Just like many soccer players in Europe, Luka Modric has acquired basic concepts of the languages spoken in the big European soccer leagues.

Though he has never played for an Italian Club, he has managed to learn a few Italian words which can help him find his way in Roma or Turin.

Is Luka Modric Fluent in French?

Luka Modric can understand some French words but his level of fluency in Moliere language has not been established yet.

Who knows?

In due time, he may decide to finish his soccer playing career in Paris like one “La Pulga” did out of nowhere.

How Many Languages does Luka Modric Speak?

Luka Modric is capable of engaging in conversation in as many as seven languages described below with diverse level of expertise.

Languages Luka Modric Can SpeakLevel of Fluency
SpanishPerfectly Fluent
EnglishVery Good Understanding
CroatianNative Speaker, Fluent
FrenchBeginner’s Level
SerbianVery good Understanding
ItalianBeginner’s Level
CzechBasic understanding
SlovakGood Understanding
How many Languages does Luka Modric Speak

Croatian and Spanish are the two most convenient languages for Luka Modric either he is in Spain playing for Real Madrid or proudly wearing the colors of his national team.

Luka Modric Full Bio

FUN FACTS about Luka Modric
Full Name Luka Modric
Place of Birth Zadar, Croatia
Date of Birth (Age) September 9, 1985 (age 37 as of 2022)
Profession Professional Soccer Player
Spouse Vanja Bosnic (married 2010)
Parents Radojka and Stipe Modric
Children Ivano, Ema and Sofia Modric
Quick Facts about Luka Modric

Luka Modric Career Highlights and Stats

Luka Modric has quietly helped his Real Madrid Club win 5 Champions League Trophy since joining the Bernabeu side in 2014.

For reference, their titles came in 2014, 2016, 2017, 201and recently 2022.

Many observers and fans consider Luka Modric as the engine on that team regardless of who the coach is.

He has been able to sustain a high level of excellence over the years for this club and national team he captains.

Will Modric and Croatia be able to go one step further in the World Cup in Qatar 2022 and finally raise the Holy Grail?

Luka Modric was part of the Croatian team that faced France in the Final of the 2018 World cup.

That was the team best result ever in this highly coveted international competition.

One more opportunity is coming his way at the end of 2022 in Qatar.

What is Luka Modric Net Worth?

According to the latest Forbes analysis, Luka Modric net worth stands at $75 million most of which comes from his Club salary over the years.

His team has made it a habit to win Champions League Trophy which brings a lot of money for European Clubs such as Real Madrid which in turn can afford to play the players with top salaries.

As of 2022, Luka Modric salary with worth $19.7 million Euros which as of this writing is equivalent to the same amount in dollars.

Luka Modric on social media

Luka Modric is active on social media with Instagram being the primary account he uses to keep his fan appraised of his team and personal news.

Instagram | (@lukamodric10) | 25M FollowersFacebook | Kuka Modric | 22M Followers
Twitter | (lukamodric10) | 3.1M Followers
Luka Modric social media profiles

He has just over 50 million combined followers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

People Also Ask FAQs on Luka Modric Spoken Languages

How many languages do they speak in Croatia?

Even though Croatian is the National language in Croatia, the country allows several other languages in different regions which include Serbian, Czech, Italian, Hungarian, Slovak and Romani.

In fact, the geographical context of Croatia and its neighboring countries makes it that many people from in this area can understand each other.

We know for instance about how Luka Doncic’s parents share the same language while one is from Croatia and the other one from Serbia.

How Tall is Luka Modric?

Luka Modric is 5feet 8 inches (1m72) which is slightly above average for a midfield player.

He is so polyvalent and gifted as a soccer player thus sometimes he plays as a defensive midfielder or an attacking midfielder like the true #10 Jersey he wears.

How old is Luka Modric?

Luka Modric celebrates his birthday every September 9 since 1985.

Therefore, he turns 37 in 2022.

His age is a factor on his recent contract since we know that soccer players usually do not play in their 40’s.

Most likely, this contract with his long-time team Real Madrid will be the final one of his already exceptional career.

FINAL THOUGHTS on Luka Modric Spoken Languages

Luka Modric is a very accomplished polyglot who can speak as many as six languages.

He has been the emblematic figure for his club and countries for so long.

He will be missed on the Soccer field once he finally decides to it quit much to the chagrin of his many fans, we all are.

Did you Know that This soccer Player Speaks as many languages as Luka Modric, if not more?

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