What languages does Diane Kruger speak?

World recognized actress Diane Kruger has received a lot of accolades and awards over her illustrious career for her contributions to very successful movies.

But did you know that the German born heroin of Tro can speak multiple languages.

Find out what languages Diane Kruger speaks, her level of expertise in each and how she mange to master so many languages given her busy career.

What Languages does Diane Kruger speak?

Former model and world class actress Diane Kruger was born in Germany of German parents who encouraged her early in her life to travel abroad to improve her English as an exchange student.

She did that with great success and along the way, she moved to France, married French actor and director Guillaume Camet.

Later, she obtained American Citizenship to make her a very accomplished actress who speak three languages: German (her native language), French and English which she is fully fluent in.

Does Diane Kruger Speak French?

Diame Kruger was living and modeling in Paris for German, Italian French Brands such as Chanel, Yves saint Laurent, Christian Dior as early as 1993.

By the time she met her first husband in 1999, she was already fully fluent in French.

They were married for 5 years before divorcing because of the incompatible professional careers as both were constantly traveling in different countries.

What languages does Diane Kruger speak - Diane Kruger speak perfect French and is a French Officer of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres

Diane Kruger speaks perfect French just like native speaker as she lived in Paris for many years and even received a High Merit of Order for her contribution to France’s culture.

To give you an idea how famous Diane Kruger is in France, in 1994, she was named Officer of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres which is a Merit Order to recognize outstanding contributions to the Arts.

such distinction is only given to the finest actors, actress, comedians but typically of French citizenship.

In her case, the fact that she is not a French Citizen did not matter because she has represented the French culture at a very high level.

In 2017, she won the French Festival de Cannes Best Actress Award for her role in the movie In the Fade.

In listening to her speak French, she does not have a heavy accent as you would expect from a German born.

Below is a YouTube video in which Diane Kruger talks in French about a movie she played the role of Catherine Deneuve’s daughter.

What is Diane Kruger Native Language?

German language is Diane Kruger first and native language as she was born in Lower Saxony, Germany with both her parents of German descent.

The actress stated once that one of her grandmothers was polish though she does not have any Polish language skills.

Therefore, while growing up in her native town of Algermissen with her brother Stefan, German language was the primary language of communication she used throughout her adolescence.

The Best Actress Award she won at Festival de Cannes in 2017 was for a movie she spoke German language throughout with great ease.

Does Diane Kruger Speak English?

Diane Kruger first studied English as a foreign student in England which was her mother initiative.

She sent her daughter Diane abroad as an exchange student with the goal to master English in order to serve her aspirations as a future ballerina.

Unfortunately, she sustained a knee injury thwarted her dancing dreams despite a successful audition at the Royal Ballet School in London.

At least, she was able to mater English before moving to France to begin a modeling career.

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Diane Kruger Languages Summary

How many languages does Diane Kruger SpeakLevel of Fluency
FrenchFluent, Lived in Paris for several years
EnglishFluent, professional language
GermanPerfectly Fluent, Native language
LatinGood Understanding, she studied Latin for 8 years
What languages does Diane Kruger speak?

Diane Kruger Full Bio

Diane Kruger has a daughter Nova, who is 3 as of 2022 with whom she will be speaking the many languages she can speak.

FUN FACTS about Diane Kruger
Full Name Diane Kruger
Place of Birth Algermissen, Germany
Date of Birth July 15, 1976 (age 46 as of 2022)
Profession Actress | Model
Height 5Feet 7 inches
Parents Hans-Heinrich & Maria-Theresa Heidkruger
Spouses Guillaume Canet (2001-2006) | Norman Reedus (2016-)
Quick Facts about Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger Movies

The lion’s share of Diane Kruger movie roles is in English or French language which is rare for a German born actress.

her contributions over the years range from 2001 to present.

The table below provide a summary of the movies Diane Kruger has been credited with and the language she spoke in each movie.

Year of the MovieTitle of The MovieLanguage of the Movie
2001Point de LendemainFrench
2002The Piano Player || Mon IdoleEnglish || French
2005Joyeux NoelFrench, English, German
2007National TreasureEnglish
2009Inglorious BasterdsEnglish, French, German
2012Farewell, My QueenFrench
2015Disorder || Sky English || French
2017In the Fade || All That Divide UsGerman || French
2018 JT LeRoy || Welcome to MarvenEnglish
2019The Operative || QT8: The first EightEnglish
2022The 355 || Out of the Blue || Marlowe English

What is Diane Kruger Net Worth?

Diane Kruger used to represent global brands as a model and later crossed over to acting in movies.

She is internationally famous with numerous commercially successful movies to her repertoire.

As such, her salary on movies is quite commendable.

According to the latest Forbes analysis, she has a net worth of over $24 million which is more than sufficient for a jetsetter who spend time between Paris and Hollywood.

Diane Kruger social media channels

Instagram | (@dianekruger) | 1M FollowersFacebook |
Twitter | IMDb | Diane Kruger
Diane Kruger social media channels

People Also Ask FAQs on Diane Kruger Languages

There is a great deal of questions about Diane Kruger languages.

Let’s examine them to provide you the most accurate answers.

Who is Diane Kruger engaged to?

Diane Kruger is engaged to Norman Reedus with whom she had a daughter, Nova aged 3 as of 2022.

Who is Diane Kruger married to?

She has been previously married once between 2001 and 2006 to fellow French actor and producer Guillaume Canet.

Since, then, she has been part of two long term relationship including the most recent one with the father of her daughter Norman Reedus.

How old is Diane Kruger?

Diane Kruger’s daughter is named Nova and she turned 3 in 2022.

What is Diane Kruger Kid’s name?

It was a long-kept secret that Diane Gruger finally revealed the name of her daughter Nova in the summer of 2022.

Who is the daughter of Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus?

Nova is the name of Diane Kruger daughter she has kept private for over three years before revealing it to the world in the summer of 2022.

Final Thoughts on what Languages does Diane Kruger Speak

Diane Kruger is a multi-talented actress who has lived in Germany, England, France and America and thus is able to those corresponding languages German, English and French with great ease in her movie’s roles and real-life experiences.

Does Diane Kruger speak more languages than fellow Inglorious Basterds actor Christoph Waltz?

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