What Is Karely Ruiz net worth?

You may not know Karely Ruiz as a rising Instagram Star and social media influencer.

Learn how much Karely Ruiz net worth has soared since she started her entrepreneurship on the global platform.

Plus, find out key insights on how Instagram and social media as a whole is redistributing the wealth for many common people.

How much is Karely Ruiz net worth in 2023

Karely Ruiz is a relatively newcomer to Instagram fame.

But with over 6.5 million subscribers on that social media platform, she has turned this rapidly growing fans base into a very powerful money-making machine.

Her sponsored content along with her Onlyfans digital creations have brought her a net worth over $4 million according to our recent analysis.

Considering she Karely Ruiz is only 22 years old, one can easily infer that her wealth can only continue to grow over the upcoming years.

How Does Karely Ruiz Make Money?

One of Karely Ruiz source of revenue is through her Onlyfans content Subscription page.

The monthly recurring cost is $16 per month.

Let’s take a quick look through the summary table below how much money Karely Ruiz generates from this medium alone.

The account features 460 phots and just shy of 100 videos as of this rendering.

The total number of likes is about 170k.

If we assume a portion of the likes translate into paying subscribers, then we can derive a monthly income.

% of Likes that are SubscribersMonthly RevenueYearly Revenue
10% of Likes are Subscribers$272,000$3.2 million
5% of the Likes are Subscribers$136,000$1.6 million
20% of the Likes are Subscribers$544,000$6.5 million
Estimated monthly and yearly revenue from Karely Ruiz Onlyfans Subscription

The figures in the above table my even be very conservative as the appeal of Karely Ruiz is still growing.

How can we measure that?

What Is Karely Ruiz net worth? - Instagram rising star Karely Ruiz of Monterrey, Mexico
Instagram Rising Sensation Karely Ruiz

Google trends reveals a recent spike in searches for the Instagram star.

This means that the potential is still untapped and therefore Karely Ruiz net worth building is still in its infancy.

Thus, proving how Instagram and social media are changing the landscape of wealth in this modern era.

Karely Ruiz Full Bio

Full Name Karely Ruiz
Place of Birth Monterrey, Mexico
Date of Birth (Age) October 28, 2000 (age 22 as of 2022)
Occupation Content Creator | Social Media Influencer
Years Active 2016 – Present
Hobbies Fashion, Traveling
Quick Facts about Karely Ruiz

Karely Ruiz on social media

Instagram | (@karelyruiz) | 6.5 million FollowersTwitter | TBD
Facebook | Karel M RuizTikTok | (@karelruizmx)
Karely Ruiz social media profiles

People Also Ask FAQs

Who is Karely Ruiz?

Karely Ruiz is a rising social media creator, mainly Instagram with over 6.5 million followers as of July 2022. She also works as a model due her early passion for fashion.

She frequently shares various experimental looks on TikTok and other mediums.

How old is Karely Ruiz?

Karely Ruiz celebrates her birthday each October 28th since 2000.

Therefore, she is 22 as of 2022.

She now lives in Monterrey, Mexico.

How Tall is Karely Ruiz?

For a model, Karely Ruiz is not very tall as she stands at 5 feet 5 inches.

Her height is not a detriment to her modeling career as she makes up for that with very a very generous body.

Be the judge of that yourself though this recent YouTube video.

How Rich is Karely Ruiz?

The proper question may be how rich Karely Ruiz potentially can be.

She is taking Instagram into a frenzy as fans, followers and subscribers are flowing from all parts of the world.

Her net worth in 2021 was a mere $200000.

As of July 2022, she has already surpassed $4 million.

Our above study from her Onlyfans Subscription alone is bound to bring in millions of dollars over the upcoming years.


Angel Ruiz net worth is on an ascending trajectory with no ceiling in sight.

She joins a plethora of young content creator who are leveraging the social media aura in this era to change their financial future.

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