What is 10 -10×10 + 10 equal to – easy math

10- 10×10 +10 may seem like a difficult math question but I can show you a very easy way to solve this type of problem in a systematic manner.

Read inside to find the secret to solving similar algebra equation to 10 – 10×10 +10 today.

What is 10 -10×10 +10 Equal

The answer to 10 – 10×10 +10 is -80.

There is very easy and fast rule you can apply to get that result for any types of mathematic problem which involves divisions, multiplications, additions and substructions.

The rule is as follows: you first must complete the multiplication and division before doing the additions and subtractions.

This means that in the whole operation 10 – 10×10 + 10, we will first put a parenthesis around the multiplication since it has a higher priority.

10 -10×10 +10 Simplified version

Step #1: Re-arrange the expression to calculate

Rewrite 10 – 10×10 + 10 as 10 – (10×10) + 10.

Step #2.

Complete the Multiplication first.

So that means the item in between the parenthesis is 10 x10 which is equal to 100.

Step #3

Complete the addition (Note that both subtractions and additions have the same priority)

Therefore, we can re-write our original expression as:

10 – 10×10 +10 = 10 +10 -(10×10)

Since 10×10=100, that means we must now solve 10 +10 – 100 = 20 -100 = -80.

Apply the Easy Algebra Rules to Solve Other Question

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What is 10 -10x10 +10 equal - Solving complex algebra equations
The Answer to this is 1 !!

Solving advanced Math Problems

Here is a YouTube video from a channel that promote math education.

It shows you great trick on how to solve algebra equations from the most basic to the more complex ones.

FINAL THOUTGS ON 10 -10×10 +10 Equal

The key to solving most Algebra problem is to have a systematic approach using basic calculus and math rules.

Once you have acquired these through practice, you will be able to solve any type of math problem.

Take it from an engineer who did years and years of mathematics including teaching the younger generation to build confidence in their ability to overcome the initial fear of mathematics.

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