Is the BuildClub Retail Rating Accurate?

So, you are wondering if you should trust the BuildClub retail rating you found online?

I will share with you my recent experience using the BuildClub for a kitchen project that was looking dire.

You will find out how to order and what to expect from your deliveries from the BuildClub.

Is BuildClub Retail Rating True?

The online ratings from BuildClub Retail customers are true and founded.

I know this because I recently used BuildClub for the remodeling project of my kitchen that needed lumber, plywood and tiles.

All of the items were ordered from the BuildClub arrived quickly for the contractors to complete the job in a timely manner.

What is the BuildClub?

The BuildClub is a building material supplier located in California.

You can order most items for small or big construction project including household tools and repairs.

Here is how to find the nearest BuildClub from you.

Website: | Working Hours: Monday through Friday: 8AM to 4PM Pacific | Phone: 888.423.0323

What Can you Order from BuildClub?

Let’s say you need a new tool to complete that special summer project, or you are suddenly in need to repair your part of your house and need the supplies to be delivered fast.

Instead of going and waiting in line in some other major retail stores, you can easily jump on your phone or desktop and order from BuildClub.

Here are some of top categories BuildClub can help you with.

Lumber and CompositeDrywallConcrete & CementPlywood and Sheathing
Fencing and DeckingInsulationRoofingSiding and Stoner Veneer
BuildClub Supplies Categories

My Experience with BuildClub

My situation that led me to order from BuildClub was that I got a slow leak in kitchen which damaged most of the walls.

Therefore, these needed to be replaced along with the countertops.

Below are the pictures of my kitchen before the work could be done.

Pictures from my Kitchen before Restoration Completion with BuildClub Plywood and Tiles

How Did I Place my order with

You can use the website to place your order online with

However, I used their App from my smartphone, and I order from the Appstore.

My contractors provided me the list and amount of supplies we needed from the plywood to the lumbers for the kitchen walls all the way to the exact tiles we selected for the countertops.

My original concern was the time it was going to take for my order to arrive given that my family spent a week without the ability to use the kitchen at all.

The reason for this is because the walls were too yet.

Therefore, a humidifier (pretty noisy at times) had to be used first before the actual repairs could start.

Additional Benefits from the BuildClub App

BuildClub “motto” is “Finish Faster“.

I can attest they truly live up to it.

For residents in Los Angeles Country, BuildClub promise to deliver your orders the same day.

Of course, it is not a guarantee but as sometimes, small hiccups can arise.

How are they able to do this?

They heavily rely on communication with you the customer.

On the BuildClub mobile App, you can speak to a representative directly on the phone to call in you order.

It is very re-assuring when you know that you have a human being on the other side who is an expert in what you need and can guide you alter/modify your order so that you are not missing any parts for your project.

Is BuildClub Retail Rating Accurate - BuildClub App is very convenient to use for ordering construction supplies
BuildClub has an App you can use to place orders

My experience with the BuildClub App was very easy and straightforward.

I was able to receive all the supplies the next day because I contacted them late in the afternoon just a couple of hours before their 4PM closing time.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that in comparing the material prices to other retails stores, there is no doubt BuildClub came ahead.

In fact, it was through price comparison that I discovered their service because my mind was to settle for Home Depot or Lowes.

What are customers Saying on BuildClub Reviews

BuildClub retail rating are very good as attested by this local website.

Out of the recent 64 reviews from BuildClub, only one of them came out slightly unsatisfactory.

The backdrop of that review was a miscommunication on tiles order.

The customer was eventually refunded yet he gave 2 stars out of five.

The rest of the BuildClub reviews are outstanding as they shine a very bright light on the company customer service and ability to deliver on its fast deliveries promise.

I would Shime in with my own satisfactory comment as my kitchen project did not turn into a headache rather was completed in time for the 4th of July Celebration.

Oh, below is the picture of what my kitchen looks like after the full work was completed.

Is BuildCLub Retail Rating accurate - my kitchen remodeling project turned out great thanks to speedy delivery form
Fully Remodel kitchen after BuildClub orders came in fast

FAQs about BuildClub Customer Service

Where does BuildClub Deliver?

As of now, the company has limited its delivery to the greater Los Angeles area.

They are planning for a bigger rollout in the next few months.

You can always pick up your order at any one of their stores near you.

Also, you need to know that the delivery fee is per vehicle so should you have a big order that fills the entire car, your delivery price stays the same.

How much does the Delivery cost?

The minimum cost for delivery of small items that fits in a car or truck is $12.

The app provides a good estimation of your delivery cost based on the size of your order.

How long does the delivery take?

If you live in the BuildClub delivery area, you can expect your delivery to take less than a couple of hours notwithstanding the Los Angeles traffic on the 405 Freeway 🙁

BuildClub is a legit site with reliable retail rating but in general, here is a video on how to recognize not so legit business online.

How to Recognize a non-Legit website

What is the BuildClub Return Policy

The BuildClub does not charge you for return items to their store.

Returns depends on the return policy of the sourcing supplier.

An item may be unreturnable because the manufacturer of that item has a no return policy.

That is out of BuildClub control.

Also, the delivery fee is not refundable.

For return, give a call to Customer service at 213.432.3477 to arrange for your returns.

Can You Email BuildClub Customer Service?

Yes, you can email BuildClub Customer service via this

They are usually quick to reply during business hours so you should expect a reply within 24 hours.

Are there CoinStar Machine inside BuildClub Stores?

No, at this time, BuildCLub stores do not feature CoinStar machines.

Should that become true in the future, we shall promptly update you.

Final Thoughts on BuildCLub Retail Rating Accuracy

I can confirm retail rating accuracy as I used their services to complete a rather delicate kitchen remodeling project that turned out just great.

Therefore, if you are in a need for construction supplies, you can rely on BuildCLub for guidance, great prices and fast delivery for those in the greater Los Angeles area (and further in the near future).

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