How much is Rachel Hollis real net worth?

Author Rachel Hollis has had a thriving career for over a decade now.

Many fans are wondering how much Rachel Hollis real net worth is in 2023.

Find out the answer about her net worth that may surprise you and some insights about your favorite relationship author.

Rachel Hollis $1.5 million net worth comes from multiple sources

According to recent Reports by Forbes and Business insider, Rachel Hollis current estimated net worth is $1.5 million. This wealth has mostly been accumulated from her professional career in social media such as TikTok and Instagram on top of her spokeswoman appearances for illustrious brands such as Junior, Walmart and Disney.

How did Rachel Hollis get famous?

Rachel Hollis first glimpse of fame came in 2015.

She shared personal pictures of her post birth stretch marks on Instagram that went viral.

No less than 10 million views were enough to win her a massive fan base in many ladies across the world who could relate the struggles of motherhood.

How much is Rachel Hollis real net worth? - Rachel Hollis pictures over the years
Self-Help Coach and Influencer Rachel Hollis

Rachel Hollis Books

In 2018, Rachel Hollis published the very acclaimed “Girl Wash your Face” book.

It was rated Top 10 bestselling book for that year.

Full Name Rachel Hollis
Place of Birth Weedpatch, California, USA
Date of Birth (Age) January 9, 1983 (age 39 as of 2022)
Occupation Author | Blogger | Speaker
Spouse Dave Hollis (May 29, 2004 – 2020)
Children 4 (3 Boys, 1 girl)
Quick Facts about Rachel Hollis

2019 saw the release of a follow up book called “Girl, Stop Apologizing”.

Rachel no nonsense straight up talk resonated with many of her followers on lifestyle choices.

Later in 2020, she committed to another book titled “Didn’t see That coming”.

This one main topic was on how to deal with crisis, loss and grief in everyday life.

Rachel Hollis Podcasts 2022

Rachel Harris owns a syndicated podcast network: “Three Percent Chance.”

This network is the support for the following podcasts:

Straight Up with Trent SheltonRachel Hollis PodcastStart Today Morning Show
Rise Together PodcastTalking BodyThe NEw EDU Podcast

Rachel Hollis TikTok Video Controversy

Reports started in 2019 that her Instagram was featuring several quotes from other celebrities without any mention of the original authors.

Then followed claims that her book Girl stop apologizing was bearing too much resemblance to a 2016 book by Maja Jovanovic: Hey Ladies, Stop Apologizing.

Another quote from the famous poet Maya Angelou “Still I rise” appeared on Rachel Hollis Instagram page in April 2020.

Rachel Hollis put the blame on her staff for the above misrepresentation.

Rachel Hollis TikTok Video Controversy

In March 2021, she had to retract a response to a comment calling her “unrelatable”.

The comment steamed from a story from her about having a helper clean her toilets.

Rachel Hollis initial reply to the said comments cited several African American ladies and others including Oprah Winfrey as unrelatable.

Eventually, she back pedaled and apologized by deleting her response video

All in all, Rachel Hollis has recently been in the middle of an Instagram controversy on top of her TikTok video controversy.

To the point where, many are wondering how many followers Rachel Hollis has lost amid all this backlash from so many controversial comments.

Is Rachel Hollis losing Followers?

It maybe early to determine with great accuracy how many followers Rachel Hollis has lost because of all the controversies going on Instagram and TikTok.

Here are the numbers of followers she still has on each one of the main social media as of mid-July 2022.

Weshall update these numbers in a couple of months especially around her “Rach Talk Live Tour” from end of September to end of October.

Social Media FollowersJuly 2022October 2022January 2023
Instagram1.5 million | 4806 postsTBDTBD
Facebook 1.8 millionTBDTBD
YouTube178K subscribersTBDTBD
How many followers has Rachel Hollis lost Tracker

Another unofficial measure on how many followers Rachel Hollis has lost is the trending of some hashtags.

#rachelhollisisproblematic | The number of views is at 1.9Million

#rachelhollisisdram | This one has accumulated 1.1 million viewers so far

#rachelhollisisafraud | This social media hashtag has reached 2.5Million views to date

People Also Ask FAQs

What is Rachel Hollis real Name?

The social media influencer and author Rachel Hollis real name is Rachel Hollis.

She does not use a different professional name.

What is Rachel Hollis TikTok name?

Following her controversial video on TikTok, Rachel Hollis deleted the video and her entire account.

Therefore, all is left of Rachel Hollis name on TikTok are her podcast account and other people whose names are Rachel Hollis but are not affiliated with the famous motivational speaker.

What is Dave Hollis net worth?

Dave Hollis is the ex-husband of Rachel Hollis.

Their marriage ended in 2020.

As for how much Dave Hollis is worth, very little details has transpired on this question.

From his background as an executive for Fox broadcasting and Disney, Dave Hollis net worth is estimated around $5 million.

He was born in February 14,1975 and has served as a member of the Motion Picture academy and advisor of many private Organizations.

Rachel Hollis in social media

Rachel Hollis | TwitterRachel Hollis (@msrachelhollis) | Instagram
Rachel Hollis | FacebookRachel Hollis | LinkedIn
Rachel Hollis social media contact


Despite the 2020 announcement about her ending her 20-year marriage to then husband Dave Hollis, Rachel Hollis continues her career as a proponent of no-nonsense lifestyle.

This cause continues to sustain Rachel Hollis net worth to date as more and more followers lead her to further fame.

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