How much is Chris Tomlin real net worth

American singer and songwriter Chris Tomlin has been in the music business since xx.

For all of his great songs over the years, many are wondering how much Chris Tomlin net worth is.

Find the answer to that question as well as great insights into your favorite worship artist.

How much is Chris Tomlin worth in 2023

Chris Tomlin has 9 Grammy Awards nominations to date and won one in 2012.

The great popularity of his worship music has led to 7 million records sold.

Therefore, there is no surprise Chris Tomlin net worth of $2 million is quite solid amongst the celebrities in his category.

How much is Chris Tomlin real net worth - pictures of Chris Tomlin over the years
Chris Tomlin continues to enjoy Success

What is Chris Tomlin most famous songs?

Chris Tomlin started his singing career in 1993.

It was not until a decade later when he achieved mass reconnaissance with a Grammy Award for best contemporary Christian Music (CCM) Album.

Since that 2012 achievement with the album “And if Our God Is for Us”, he has recorded some of the most popular songs in the country.

Here are some of the highlights.

How Great Is Our GodOur God
Whom Shall I FearGood Good Father

Chris Tomlin Full Bio

Full Name Christopher Dwayne Tomlin
Place of Birth Grand Saline, Texas, USA
Date of Birth (Age) May 4, 1972 (age 50 as of 2022)
Occupation Singer | Songwriter | Worship Leader
Spouse Lauren Bricken (married 2010 -)
Genres Contemporary Worship Music
Quick Facts about Chris Tomlin

Is Chris Tomlin Still married?

Chris Tomlin and his wife Lauren Bricken wed on November 9, 2010.

The family has three daughters, Ashlyn, Madison and Elle.

They live in the family estate in Tennessee.

How Did Chris Tomlin and his wife meet?

Chris Tomlin and his wife Lauren Bricken met in a Bible study group through mutual friends.

People Also Ask FAQs

Is Chris Tomlin a Worship Leader in a church?

Chris Tomlin in a member of Passion conferences which he helped create with Louie Giglio.

Where does Chris Tomlin go to church?

Chris Tomlin home church is with Passion Conferences.

The main church for Passion Conferences in located in the city of Atlanta, Georgia.

Does Chris Tomlin write his own songs?

Yes, Chris Tomlin often writes in own songs.

However, he is also part of CompassionArt, a charity and songwriting team.

They released an album in 2008.

How long do Chris Tomlin concerts last?

When you are led by the Spirit, worship can go forever literally.

Otherwise, a standard concert can take 2-3 hours depending on the schedule.

How do I contact Chris Tomlin?

To reach out to Chris Tomlin, please contact A to Z Entertainment || 888-655-4575

What strings does Chris Tomlin use?

Chris Tomlin has responded to this question in the media by stating that for years he has been using Elixir strings.

They feel good and produce great sound.

Speaking of sound, listen to How Great Is Our God song on the YouTube video below.


Chris Tomlin has been in the worship music industry for almost 30 years.

Chances are you may know some of his songs without knowing that they are from him.

His net worth continues to grow as more and more followers in the world discover how great and uplifting his work is.

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