How many languages Jackson Wang can speak

Chinese singer Jackson Wang has been gaining a lot of popularity recently away from his home base as more and more fans worldwide discover the talent of the young prodigy.

But did you know that this newbie to music can speak multiple languages.

Find out how many languages Jackson Wang can speak as well as key insights about your favorite rising star.

How many languages does Jackson Wang speak?

Chinese Singer Jackson Wang (real name Wang Ka-yee) was born in Bristish Hong Kong in 1994.

Coming from an athletic family (mother was a former gymnast), he specialized in Sabre fencing like his father Wang Ruiji and was ready to make the London Olympics in 2012 when his destiny changed course.

Instead of embracing an Olympic career, he passes an audition for a Boy Band in Korea which lead him through extensive traveling in China, Korea, Japan and the rest of the world.

He became proficiency in multiple languages including Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, English and Japanese so that he could relate to his huge fan base on a more personal level.

Can Jackson Wang speak English?

Yes, Jackson Wang is fully fluent in English because he was born in British Hong Kong.

He received elementary education in English at an American International School before he started traveling internationally.

Therefore, his knowledge of the English language actually helped him acquired the basics for his subsequent linguistic classes.

How many languages does  GOT7 member Jackson Wang speak - Jackson Wang over the eyars
GOT7 Member Jackson Wang is an accomplished Polyglot who speak 5 languages

How well does Jackson wang speak English?

Jackson Want English is impeccable. He exudes a great deal of confidence when expressing himself in English.

In a YouTube video interview in which to answer Google auto complete question about himself, he modestly states that he is not fluent at the many languages he speaks.

Yet, when you hear him speak English and the other languages, you are left to wonder how much better he would like to be.

Catch the full interview here.

He is actually very entertaining in it.

I like how he replied to the question: What is Jackson job?

His answer: An Emphatic: “Performer, Entertainer, Singer”.

Is Jackson Wang Fluent in Korean?

Yes, Jackson wang studied Korean when he moved to Seoul, south Korea in July 2011 for his K-pop training.

He was training for the 2012 London Olympics as a fencer when an audition opportunity to be part of a Boys band came along.

He dropped fencing and even abandoned a scholarship at Standford University (California, USA) in order to pursue his musical dream.

He certainly applied himself in learning Korean during his stay in the country because he ended up a full-time member of GOT7.

He mentioned in an interview that his secret in learning Korean was not to be embarrassed when making mistakes.

Does Jackson Wang speak Japanese?

Through his multiple trips to perform in Japan, Jackson Wang developed a habit to practice his Japanese.

even though he is not yet fully fluent in Japanese, he makes it a great point to exchange in Japanese with his fans.

His vocabulary needs a little bit more work, but he managed to have basic conversation in Japanese.

When he is stuck, he uses English words in lieu of the missing Japanese ones.

Here is an example of such exchange in Japanese with Rena Hattori.

Jackson Wang speaking Japanese

What other languages does Jackson Wang speak?

Jackson ang has a very large linguistic repertoire as he has managed to master multiple languages over the last decade alone.

Here is a summary of his level of proficiency in each one of his spoken languages.

Languages Jackson Wang Can SpeakLevel of Fluency
ChinesePerfectly Fluent
EnglishVery Good Understanding
KoreanNative Speaker, Fluent
FrenchBeginner’s Level
JapaneseGood Comprehension
Mandarin ChineseGood Understanding
What languages does Jackson Wang speak?

Jackson Wang Full Bio

FUN FACTS about Jackson Wang
Full Name Jackson Wang
Place of Birth Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong
Date of Birth (Age) March 28, 1994 (age 28 as of 2022)
Profession Singer | Producer | Fashion Designer
Height 5Feet 9 inches
Musical Groups GOT7 (since 2014), PANTHEPACK
Movies Mysterious Fighter, Idol Producer
Quick Facts about Jackson Wang

Who is Jackson Wang?

Jackson Wang also known as Wang Ka-yee and Wang Jia’er is K=Pop singer, dancer, choreographer and record producer who was ranked number 10 in 2021 Forbes China Celebrity 100.

He has performed as part of the band GOT7 (since 2014) and recently under PANTHEPACK which he created in 2021 under the label Team Wang.

His musical genre is K-pop, hip hop and R&B.

Where is Jackson Wang from?

Jackson Wang was born in British Hong Kong in 1994.

His mother is former gymnast Sophia Chow (Zhou Ping) and his father Wang Ruiji was a fencer.

Jackson Wang Songs

Jackson most recent song releases include NANANA, Cruel, Blow in 2022.

What is Jackson Wang Net Worth?

Jackson wang net worth is evaluated at $9 million which comes primarily from his prestations around the globe, his live concerts, Television appearances in China where he is a huge celebrity (Forbes Top 100) and his endorsements with major brands.

Jackson Wang on social media

Instagram | (@jacksonwang852g7) | 30M FollowersFacebook |
TikTok | Twitter | (@JacksonWang852) | 6.5M Followers
Jackson Wang social media channels

People Also Ask FAQs about Jackson Wang Languages

How old is Jackson Wang?

Jackson Wang celebrates his birthday on March 28 every year since 1994.

Therefore, he is 28 years young as of 2022.

Looking at some of his pictures and live interviews, he can easily pose as a teenager.

Good genes go a long way in keeping a superstar young and healthy.

How Tall is Jackson Wang?

Jackson is 5feet 9 inches which is not too short or too tall.

He has the right size for his body which he leverages in his multiple choreographies.

His female fans across the globe certainly appreciate the hard work he puts into maintaining his boyish figure.

Who is Jackson Wang brother?

He replied to this question live in an interview and said that Winston is his brother who lives in Australia.

Can Jackson Wang Cook?

He claimed that he can make scrambled eggs and sandwich.

Jackson stated that he has just not been able to showcase his cooking skills yet.

Though you can sense the annoyance in his voice while responding to this search query from his YouTube interview.

Does Jackson wang write his own songs?

Yes, sometimes he does and sometimes he relies on his production team to come up with suggestions they can work on to generate the final outcome.

Is Jackson wang an Olympian?

Yes, indeed. Jackson wang participated in the first ever Youth Olympics in Singapore in 2010.

Is Jackson Wang left-handed?

No, he is right-handed as depicted on the video on how he holds his microphone while singing.

Is Jackson Wang a solo Artist?

Yes, he is. He started as part of a Band but recently has been releasing his own work under his new label Team Wang which he is the CEO of.

Can Jackson Wang play Piano?

He is not professionally trained in piano, but he can play a few non-irritating notes on the piano should he need to.

How did Jackson Wang lose weight?

The singer went on a diet eating vegetables and spending time on the cardio machine.

His gym routine includes Jogging for 30-40 minutes incline, lift some weights.

Then eat vegetables and fruits plus small carbs.

Do not eat at night and get a lot of sleep.

Jackson wang has stated that being physically fit is part of his presentation package to his fans and audience.

Jackson Wang Motivational Quotes

“Know Yourself, Make your Own History”

Does Jackson Wang have Tattoos?

Yes, he has several tattoos on his arms some of which represent the five rings of the Olympics games.

FINAL THOUGHTS on Jackson Wang Spoken Languages

Jackson Wang is a well-balanced individual who take great pride in entertaining and performing for his fans.

To achieve that important goal, he studied and mastered several languages along the way.

That commitment makes him even more enduring to the many souls who tune in to his performances all over the globe.

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