How many languages does Steve Backshall speak

World famous explorer and naturalist Steve Backshall has produced several acclaimed children’s books and award-winning documentaries over the years.

But this you know than the 2020 Member of the Order of the Bristish Empire (MBE) appointee speaks multiple languages.

Learn how many languages Steve Backshall speaks., his level of proficiency in each language and how he managed to learn so many.

How many languages does Steve Backshall speak?

Steve Backshall was born in England and studied at Collingwood College and Brooklands College.

Then he decided to travel abroad alone leading him to Aricia, India, Japan and other countries in Asia.

His work for National Geographic includes an extensive stay in Columbia where he learned Spanish.

As a result, he is fluent in 4 languages including English, Japanese, Indonesian and Spanish.

Does Steve Backshall speak Japanese?

Asia was one of the original travel’s destinations for Steve Backshall after his graduation from college.

Steve Backshall has spent a year living in Japan visit the entire country.

During his stay there, he studied martial art and obtained a black belt in Judo.

He has had several expeditions in Japan over the years including a documentary from 2008 Secret Wilderness Japan.

He recently shared a YouTube video in full Japanese where he brings awareness to the fate of dolphins at the Taiji cove.

Does Steve Backshall speak Spanish?

After a failed attempt to solo walk across western New Guinea in 1997, Steve Backshall decided to set sights in the jungles of Columbia.

He recorded a pilot for a series that he sold to National geographic.

This led him to become the producer and presenter of that shows for five years during which he was fully immersed in this Spanish speaking country.

Later on in 2023, he leveraged his knowledge of the Spanish language for another adventurous series The Really Will show which featured several episodes in the Central America, the Galapagos and Southern Arica.

How many languages does Steve Backshall speak - Steve backshall over the years
MBE Steve Backshall over the years has mastered multiple languages

How did Steve Backshall learn Indonesian?

Between 1993 and 1997, Steve Backshall traveled to this region on his way to New Guinea where he lived in the rain forest for three months.

He used Indonesia as his base during this time which meant that he had to learn Indonesian to communicate with the local residents.

Indonesia is an archipelago which is made of 17000 islands, some of which Backshall visited extensively.

His knowledge of this area led him to become a writer for the British publisher Rough Guides for which is the Indonesian guide.

What languages do they speak in Indonesia?

Indonesian is the primary language in Indonesia as it is spoken by 94% of the population.

However, the most common primary language in Indonesia is Javanese, which is spoken by 30% of the population.

Therefore, these means that a lot of people in Indonesia speak multiple languages.

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Steve Backshall Facts

Let’s get into some quick facts about Steve Backshall.

Steve Backshall is married to an Olympic champion rower Helen Glover since September 10, 2016

The family reported the birth of twin babies in January 2020.

FACTS About Steve Backshall, MBE
Full Name Stephen James Backshall
Place of Birth Bagshot, Surrey, United Kingdom
Date of Birth April 21, 1973 (age 42 as of 2022)
Occupation Naturalist | Explorer| Writer
Height 5Feet 6 inches
Education University of Exeter, Open University
Spouse Helen Glover (married 2016 – Present)
Children 3
Quick Facts about Steve Backshall

Because Steve Backshall wife was born in Cornwall, their children all have names connected to Cornish.

Steve Backshall Filmography

Steve Backshall has not stopped producing wildlife documentaries since 1998 from his early days working with National Geographic.

He has gone on to share his passion with viewers on BBC TV (2003 to 2008), then Discovery Channel (2008- 2013), SKY TV or Channel 5.

How many languages does Steve Backshall speak - wildlife passionate Steve Bakshall

Wildlife Expedition Expert Steve Backshall has traveled over the world to bring viewers greater understanding about the nature around us.

Timeline [Year]Steve Backshall documentaries and Shows
2003-2006The Really Wild Show
Expedition Borneo, BBC
2007-2008Inside – King Cobra || Nature of Britain || Secret Wilderness Japan || Expedition Alaska | | Inside Out
2009 -2013Deadly 60 Series || Lost Land of the Tiger || Live and Deadly
2014-2018Deadly on a Mission: Pole to Pole || Big Blue Live || Shark Bites
2019 – 2020Blue Planet Live || Expedition with Steve Backshall || Animals after Dark
2021Celebrity Masterminds || Shark with Steve Backshall || Our Wild Adventures
2022Our Changing Planet || Deadly Predators
Multilingual Steve Backshall filmography

Steve Backshall Books

Backshall wildlife books are the most recognized and center around his most famous Television show in the UK, Deadly.

It is aimed for children and younger audience to encourage them to get out and discover the nature around them.

He also has written several fictional books including Tiger Wars (2012), Ghost of the forest (2013), the Wilds of the Wolf (2014) or Shark Seas in 2016.

Final Thoughts on How many languages does Steve Backshall speak

Steve Backshall is a passionate of wildlife who has traveled extensively across the world.

In doing so, he learned multiple languages which he leveraged to communicate with the locals so that he could share the mysteries of nature in those remote and exotic destinations.

Who speaks more languages between Steve Backshall and fellow wildlife enthusiast Jeremy wade of River Monsters?

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