How Many Languages does Roger Federer Speak?

Before there was “the Big 3” in Tennis Royalities, there was one and only one Roger Federer, the standard by which others were measured.

The one thing that even further helped Roger Federer achiever such heights off the courts was the facts that he spoke multiple languages.

Find out exactly how many languages Roger Federer can speak and key insights about the man who took tennis excellence to a whole new level.

How Many Languages does Roger Federer Speak?

Former Tennis world number 1 player Roger Federer comes from a mixed family with Swiss-German on his father and South African heritage on his mother side.

Born in Basel, Switzerland and raised in Munchenstein, close to the French and German borders, Roger Federer grew up speaking both French and German (the Swiss German and the standard German).

He learned English while growing up and later included Italian and Swedish to his linguistic arsenal.

All in all, Roger Federer can speak at least 6 languages fluently including English, French, Swiss-German, basic German, Italian and Swedish.

If we consider his South African heritage, we can certainly estimate that Federer knows at least one other language from his maternal South Africa roots.

His mother Lynette Federer (born Durand) hails from Kempton Park, Gauteng in Africa.

Consequently, it is likely that Federer who has been to South Africa numerous times can express in Afrikaans just as comfortably as in English.

Does Roger Federer Speak French?

Yes, Roger Federer speaks French fluently whenever he is in a setting or interview that requires him to do so.

Though he only won one French Open in 2009, he grew up in the Swiss town of Munchenstein which is not that far from the German and French border.

In general, people from Switzerland are very likely to speak multiple languages because it is a small country in size that is surrounded to the North by Germany, to the West by France, to the South by Italy and Austria to the East.

Therefore, these four languages are the most prominent in Switzerland: German, French, Italian and English because of the numerous diplomats who live there.

How many languages does Roger Federer speak - Roger Federer over the years
World Tennis Gret Roger Federer have Mastered over 6 languages

How well does Roger Federer Speak French?

I have witnessed Federer French interviews over the years.

My take on it is that the hesitation is a function of French language not being his primary language.

No doubt he is fluent in French which comes with a small accent, but you can tell that he does not practice it as often as his other languages.

Federer said in an interview once that his thinking languages on the tennis courts is primarily Swiss-German and English.

Can Roger Federer Speak German?

Federer native language is Swiss German from his father Robert Federer legacy.

This is the languages he speaks with his kids at home as well.

Though, we know that some Slovakian is spoken in Roger Federer’s household thanks to his wife Miroslava (known as Mirka nowadays).

She is a former tennis professional player as well.

That is how they met in 2000 while representing Switzerland at the Olympics Games in Sydney.

Did you know that French is the Official Language of the Olympics Games?

Does Roger Federer speak Italian fluently?

Federer shared that he enjoys learning Italian.

Though he is very gifted at acquiring new languages, he has yet to perfect his Italian skills to full proficiency.

We will give him a passing grade her with room for further improvement.

Other languages former World #1 is found of are Chinese and Swedish.

That shows you how versatile Federer is in his quest to learn several languages.

He knew well that during his player career, the ability to express himself in the local country language would gain him further support and fan base.

How Many Languages are spoken in Switzerland?

Switzerland is an extremely cosmopolitan country in which the German, Italian and French cultures are present.

The all peacefully co-exist so that the inhabitants of Switzerland are as comfortable picking any one of the 4 or 5 languages: Swiss German, German, French, Italian and English.

These languages are all offered through the school system thus enabling future generation to become polyglots.

Roger Federer Languages Summary

These are the various languages Roger Federer has either mastered or pursuing perfection on just as hue did for two decades on the tennis courts.

Languages Roger Federer Can SpeakLevel of Fluency
Swiss GermanNative Speaker, Fluent
Standard GermanFluent
ItalianGood Understanding
Afrikaans | Spoken in AfricaGreat Understanding
SwedishGood Knowledge
Roger Federer Spoken Languages

Video of Roger Federer responding to interview questions about languages in different languages!

Roger Federer Speaking English, French, Swiss German in the same interview

Roger Feder Full Bio

Roger Federer has done as much off the courts as he has on the tennis courts.

He has a balanced family life with 4 children while donating to numerous charity organizations.

FUN FACTS about Roger Federer
Full Name Roger Federer
Place of Birth Basel, Switzeerland
Date of Birth (Age) August 8, 1981 (age 41 as of 2022)
Occupation Professional Tennis Player
Plays Right-Handed (one hand backhand)
Height 6 feet1 (1m85)
Career Prize Money $131 million
Spouse Mirka Federer (married 2009 -Present)
Children Myla Rose | Charlene Eva | Leo | Lenny
Quick Facts about Roger Federer

Roger Federer Career Stats Overview

Federer is a 20-time Tennis Grand Slam winner.

In a span of 7years between 2003 and 2009, he dominated world tennis with 15 Grand Slams.

His Mastery came most in Wimbledon where he lifted up the trophy 8 ties (2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012, 2017).

During his era of greatness, I remember tunning off man tennis because to the outside observer I was, there was truly no competition to match his expertise.

His overall career record is 1251-275 or a staggering 82% winning percentage.

Later in his career, 2 other male tennis players raised their craft to his level to form the “Big 3”.

Does “BIG 3” Member Novak Djokovic Speak More Foreign Languages than Roger Federer?

What is Roger Feder Net Worth?

According to the latest Forbes analysis, Roger Federer is worth $550 million in 2022.

Of that amount, we know that $131 million or so come from tennis prize money since he is third all-time leader in earning the other BIG 3 members.

The rest of his wealth comes from endorsements, sponsorships and business dealing off the courts.

Other Tennis Players from Switzerland who Speak Multiple languages

Switzerland is a country full of polyglots, some of which have played tennis at the highest Level.

Martina Hingis on the Women side comes from the country of delicious chocolate.

She reigned over Worl tennis at very young age before retiring.

As for the men side, Stan Wawrinka comes to mind.

He speaks at least 3 languages including French, English and German.

People Also Ask FAQs about Roger Federer Languages

Who is better Roger Federer or Nadal?

I know what many may say out there.

But I have been following tennis for over 35 years.

I can attest that there would not have been a Nadal or Djokovic without Roger Feder.

He was the standard that enabled the other two to take their games to the Next Level.

Federal approach to the tennis games was so cerebral, nothing was left to improvisation to the point where one could think he was a machine.

FINAL THOUGHTS on Roger Feder Spoken Languages

You know you have done well for yourself and the world when parents start naming their kids with your last name.

Such is the case for this truly Citizen of the world Roger Federer who raised the bar so high on the tennis courts while continuing to celebrate other cultures through the mastery of their different languages.

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