How many languages does Paul Pogba speak

French international midfield soccer player won the world Cup in 2018 with his national team.

He has played for the top teams in the very competitive European Leagues.

But did you know that off the fields, the charismatic former Manchester United player speaks multiple languages?

Read more to find out how many languages Paul Pogba speaks, how he learned so many and other key insights about favorite Juventus player.

How Many Languages does Paul Pogba speak?

French standout midfielder and Juventus FC new signee was born 16 miles from Paris of Guinean parents.

His precocious soccer skills enabled him to travel and play in England then Italy with Juventus for 5 years before returning to Manchester United in 2016.

He even married a Bolivian model which helped solidify his Spanish thus he is fully fluent in at least 4 languages including French (his native language), English, Italian and Spanish.

Does Paul Pogba speak Italian?

Paul Pogba was raised in France prior to leaving for international travel due to his soccer profession

He got the privilege to learn foreign languages as a student in Paris.

Therefore, upon his arrival in Italy in 2012, it was not as difficult for him adjust to his new language amongst all the Italian speakers in the Juventus team.

He lived tin Italy for 5 years (before his return in 2022) which enabled him to fully perfect his Italian skills.

How well does Paul Pogba speak Italian?

How well does Paul Pogba speak Italian?

As well as any Italian players on the Juventus team.

In fact, players like Paul Pogba take great pride in showing (off) their mastery of foreign languages.

Check out this YouTube video interview in Italian of Pogba by fellow French player Patrick Evra (who also played for Manchester United and Juventus).

Listening to two black men exchange in Italian as if they were born there just has something very fascinating it about it.

How many languages does Paul Pogba speak? - Does he speak Italian better than Charles Leclerc

Who speaks better Italian: Paul Pogba of Juventus Football club of fellow Frenchman Charles Leclerc of Team Scuderia Ferrari?

Can Paul Pogba speak Spanish?

Pogba started studying Spanish when he was a teenager in France.

Later, through his teammates in England and Italy, he continued to improve his Spanish linguistic skills.

He felt comfortable enough with his Spanish to marry Bolivian model Maria Zulay Salaues in 2019.

How many languages does Paul Pogba speak - Paul Pogba and his Bolivian wife Maria Zulay

Paul Pogba and his Bolivian wife Maria Zulay (Sho had to convert to Muslim) can speak Spanish, English and French to their two kids.

The couple has two kids together who used to attend Manchester United games at Old Trafford with red number “6” shirts printed “Daddy”.

Why does Paul Pogba Speak French?

Paul Pogba was born in France and learned to speak English from a very young age.

Both his parents are Muslim and so is he.

It is safe to say that Pogba received education in Arabic early when leaving with his parents in the surroundings of Paris.

He may not be fluent in Arabic today because of lack of practice but his understand is quite good.

What Languages does Paul Pogba Speak | Summary

How many Languages does Paul Pogba Speak?Level of Fluency
EnglishPerfectly Fluent
FrenchNative Speaker, Fluent
ItalianFluent with great Ease, lived in Italy for 6 years
SpanishPerfectly Fluent
ArabicBasic understanding, He is a practicing Muslim
What Languages does Paul Pogba speak?

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Paul Pogba Full Bio

Pogba has two older twin brothers Florentin and Mathias who are also professional soccer players.

The interesting part of this story is that the twin brothers do NOT play for France.

They play for Guinee-Conakry the birth country of Pogba’s parents.

FUN FACTS about Paul Pogba
Full Name Paul Labile Pogba
Profession Professional Soccer Player
Date of Birth March 15, 1993 (age 29 as of 2022)
Place of Birth Lagny-sur-Marne [77], France
Current Teams Juventus F.C (#10), France (#6)
Children Labile Shakur Pogba
Siblings Florentin Pogba twin with Mathias Pogba
Quick Facts about Paul Pogba

Florentin Pogba may not be as famous as his younger brother as it mostly plays for second Tiers teams in France, in the US (Atlanta United from 2019 to 2020) and India (ATK Mohun Bagan in 2022).

Paul Pogba Career Stats and Highlights

Pogba started his professional career with French team Le Havre in Bretagne in 2007.

Then he moved to Manchester United in 2009 where he failed to consistently make it in the starting XI.

In 2012, he left MU for Juventus in Italy on a free transfer fee.

He helps la Juve win four consecutive Serie A titles, two Coppa Italia.

His stay in Juventus was la Dolce vita and was clearly playing his best football.

He decided to return to Manchester in 2016to prove how much he has matured on a record transfer fee of $105 million.

How many languages does Paul Pogba Speak? - Paul Pogba is back in Italy in 2022

French Extravagant Midfielder is returning to Italian side Juventus Football Club.

Does it bode when for les Bleus ahead of the Defense of World Cup Title in Qatar?

That move did not turn out great for him and in 2022, he returned to the Italian side for his last contract m(maybe).

In the meantime, while at Manchester United where a slew of coaches was coming in and out, he managed to win the World Cup with his national team in 2018.

His contributions to the French National Team were decisive especially in the Semi-final game against Belgium and the Final itself against fellow polyglot Luka Modric’s team Croatia.

What is Paul Pogba Net Worth?

As one of the Top soccer players in the world, Paul Pogba has enjoyed a high paying base salary over the last decade with Juventus and Manchester United.

He is also a world Cup winner which means that he represents a lot of brands (Adidas, EA Sports) who pay him hefty amount of money for his image.

Overall, he has amassed at net worth of $125 according to the latest figures from Forbes and Business Insider.

Paul Pogba social media channels

Instagram | (@paulpogba) | 56M FollowersFacebook | Paul Labile Pogba | 25M Fans
Twitter | (@paulpogba) | 10.5M Followers
Paul Pogba social media channels and Followers

To say that Paul Pogba has a huge following on social media would be a huge understatement.

Half of his internet fans come from France, United Kingdon, India, United States and Indonesia.

People Also Ask FAQs on Paul Pogba Languages

How much will Pogba earn at Juventus?

Pogba new contract with Italian side Juventus Football Club is worth 8 million Euros per year over four years which equates $8 million per year based on the current Euro vs US dollar exchange rate.

Where is Paul Pogba from?

Paul Pogba was born in France in Lagny-sur-Marne (department 77 Seine et Marne) which is 16 miles driving distance from the center of the capital Paris.

Therefore, he is a French citizen by birth even though his two older brothers (twins) are Guinean because born in their parents’ country, Guinee-Conakry.

Guinea is a country of 13.2 million south of Senegal (where TikTok icon Khaby Lame is from) with French as the official language.

However, there is over 22 languages spoken in the seven (8) different regions they county is divided int including Boke, Conakry and Kindia to the West, Labe, Mamou and Faranah in the Center, Kankan to the East and Nzerekore in the South.

Who is Paul Pogba brother?

Paul Pogba has two twin older brothers who were born on August 19, 1990, in Conakry, Guinea.

Both play soccer at lesser level than their illustrious younger brother.

Some fans may often wonder if Pqul Pogba is twins because he really looks a lot like one of his older twin brothers.

Is Paul Pogba South African?

No, Pogba was born in France but his parents are from Guinea, the one whose Conakry is the capital not to be confused with Guinea-Bissau or Equtorial Guinea.

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I answered the question “How many languages does Paul Pogba speak” and scrutinized his level of fluency in each one of them.

How many languages does Paul Pogba speak - more than French teammate Kylian Mbappe ?

Who speaks more languages between Paul Pogba and French teammate Kylian Mbappe?

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