How Many Languages does Natalie Portman Speak?

American born actress Natallie Portman versatility has enabled her to play different roles on the big screens such as Queen Amidala in the Starts Wars series or the recent Thor: Love and Thunder (2022).

But did you know that is Real life, she is as much prolific with foreign languages?

Find out how many languages Natalie Portman speaks as well as key insights about the life of your favorite actress.

How Many Languages does Natallie Portman speak?

Harvard graduate and Academy Award Winner Natalie Portman is quite eclectic polyglot.

She was born in Jerusalem of an American mother and a Jewish father and attended Jewish elementary school where Hebrew was taught to her at a young age.

She married a French Parisian choreographer in 2012 thus adding one more language to her repertoire.

Sprinkle in Spanish, German and Japanese she learned to satisfy her intellectual curiosity and you have some who is able to speak as many as 6 languages with different degree of fluency.

All in all, you can converse with Natalie Portman in English, Hebrew, French, Spanish, German and even Japanese if you ever come face to face with the new Thor Actress.

Let’s investigate how she came about mastering so many languages at still a young age.

Does Natallie Portman Speak French?

Oui, Natallie Portman is fully fluent in French since she has been married to a French Parisian for over a decade now.

The couple have two children together who also speak French.

They briefly lived in Paris in 2012following the Couple Californian wedding at Big Sur.

She has expressed her desire to acquire French Citizenship, so she is very much in love with not only her French husband but the culture as a whole.

Oh la la.

How many languages does Natalie Portman speak - Hollywood star Natalie Portman over the years
Hardvard University Graduate Natalie Portman can speak 5 Languages

How Well does Natalie Portman speak French?

In researching this article, I could not find any public interview of Nathalie Portman speaking French.

We know that she understands it quite well because in the video below, the interviewer asked her to respond in English event though he was asking the questions in French.

This tells me that she was not totally comfortable at the time with her French skills at least in public places.

Natalie Portman in French Interview in Paris

She is talking about the movie she did in French with director Rebecca Zlotowski.

Before she sits down, she is greeted in French, and you can hear Natalie Portman reply in French:

“Oui, merci. Et vous ?”. which means “Thank you, How about yourself” in reply to “How are you doing?”.

She says this without the slightest accent or hesitation.

Can Natalie Portman speak Spanish?

As a Harvard graduate, Natalie Portman received a great education and her curiosity about languages led her to study Spanish in greater details.

She has a book Club she features on her social media, and we know that some of the books are in Spanish.

Way to go for a polyglot who want to immerse herself in the very environment that will lead her to better her language skills.

I just have to bring up my favorite quote of Natalie Portman in Star Wars:

“I will not condone a course of actions that will lead us to war”

Is Natalie Portman Fluent in German?

German is a learned language from Natalie Portman just as she did for Spanish.

It is her intellectual side that comes ahead in mastering German.

Natalie Portman once said that she did not mind if School messed up her movie career as she was juggling classes and filming in the early 2000s especially after being cast in the Star Wars series.

What Languages does Natalie Portman Speak?

Here is the six a table summary with the main languages Natalie Portman is proficient at with their respective level of fluency.

Languages Natalie Portman Can SpeakLevel of Fluency
EnglishNative Speaker, Fluent
HebrewNative Speaker, Fluent
GermanGood Understanding
SpanishGood Understanding
JapaneseBasic Understanding
Natalie Portman Spoken Languages

Notice how we did not mention that Natalie Portman is fluent in any of the languages C3PO can speak 🙂

Natalie Portman Full Bio

FUN FACTS about Natalie Portman
Full Name Natalie Portman
Place of Birth Jerusalem, Israel
Date of Birth (Age) June 9, 1981 (age 41 as of 2022)
Occupation Actress | Producer | Writer
Parents Avner Hershlag & Shelley Stevens
Spouse Benjamin Millepied (married 2012-Present)
Children 2
Awards Academy Award for Best Actress
Quick Facts about Natalie Portman

Natallie Portman Movies

According to Rotten Tomatoes, Natallie Portman most successful movies from critics and commercially are by far the Star Wars Series.

Here is a non-exhaustive of her Top grossing films to date.

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace [1990]Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones [2022]Closer [2004]Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith [2005]
V for Vendetta [2005]Black Swan [2010]No Strings Attached [2011]Thor [2011]
Thor: The Dark World [2013]Jackie [2016]Annihilation [2018]
Natalie Portman most Successful movies

What is Natallie Portman Net Worth?

Natalie Portman started in the movie industry as a child star.

She successfully translated her talents into adult roles which has led to an amazing success in Hollywood.

The youngest Academy Award Winner for Best actress (Black Swan -2011) has gathered a staggering $90 million of net worth so far over the course of her illustrious career.

she is still in high demand given her recent huge envelope for her contribution in the Thor series latest production.

Natalie Portman on social media

Instagram | (@natalieportman) | 8.2 M Followers
Twitter | (@natpdotcom) | 70K Followers

Natallie Portman may not have as many followers as fellow actress Gal Gadot, but she still can count on over 10 million fans across all of her social media platforms.

People Also Ask FAQs about Natallie Portman Languages

Who is Natalie Portman husband?

Natalie Portman is married to French dancer and choreographer Benjamin Millepied.

They met in in 2009 when the two of them were working on the set of the movie Black Swan.

They couple has two kids who Natalie Portman has expressed the desire to raise “Jewish”.

What is Natalie Portman Age?

Natallie Portman celebrates her birthday every June 9th since 1981.

Therefore, she is at the prime age of 41 as of 2022.

What is Natalie Portman height?

Natallie Portman is a short frame lady who stands at 5ft 3.

In her recent role in the movie Thor, she shared how difficult it was for her to bulk up in order to appear much bigger on the screen.

Final Thoughts on Natalie Portman Spoken Languages

Nathalie Portman put her Harvard education and heritage to use in mastering as many as six languages.

She said once in an interview how she knew what she wanted as a kid and went after it.

That is what made her different from others.

She certainly has achieved her goals on the big screens and in real life as well.

Did you know that this This Thor Actor was born on the Same Year as Nathalie Portman and on the Same Day of the Month Also speak Multiple languages?

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