How many languages does Lukaku speak?

Soccer (Football) star Romelu Lukaku has traveled the world thanks to his scoring skills.

You may know him as the prolific forward for Chelsea or Italian Serie A side Inter Milan.

Bur did you know that Romel Lukaku can speak more languages that the number of players on his team starting XI?

Find out below how many languages Romely Lukaku speaks and which ones he thinks in when scoring on the soccer fields.

How Many Languages does Lukaku Speak?

How is Romel Lukaku able to speak 9 languages?

The answer is quite simple.

He has been able to leverage the cultural diversity in his life.

From his parents’ birthplace in the Democratic Republic of Congo, he inherited Lingala and French, then the colonization of Congo by Belgium got him to expand into Dutch, Flemish and finally his soccer career has led him to many Clubs and countries where he learned the local languages to be able to efficiently communicate with the fans and teammates.

Does Romel Lukaku Speak French?

French is Lukaku native languages as he was born in Antwerp, Belgium where French and Dutch are the most dominant languages.

About 56% of the Belgian population has Dutch as their primary language (16% as secondary language).

French is first language to about 36% of the population in that country with almost 50% speaking French as a second language.

Therefore, super striker Lukaku was already bi-lingual at birth 🙂

Lukaku is an accomplished polyglot having learned over 7 languages.

Which one(s) does he use the most when on the soccer fields?

How well does Lukaku Speak French?

Lukaku is a soft-spoken individual who comes across as shy in his interview.

His French is very fluent without any accent to note.

People from France (like myself) can tell a different between the French that tis spoken in Belgium and the one in Paris.

For instance, the way to say numbers like anything with “9” is said differently in Belgium than in France.

That is usually a topic of laughter for the non-initiated.

Lukaku in his French interviews speaks French like a Parisian, go figure.

Can Lukaku Speak Portuguese?

Just a tidy bit.

He is able to understand and recognize a few words in Portuguese.

However, his basic vocabulary still needs some work to increase his proficiency.

Can Lukaku Speak English?

Yes, Lukaku learned English at a very young age.

He visited Chelsea Stamford Bridge as part of a trip with his youth Academy team and promised himself he would cry the day he is able to play on that stadium.

Well, he eventually wore the Blues colors many years later.

By then, he was already fully fluent in English as part of his education in school included English as a second or third language.

That is very attractive in European school systems in that they offer a broad enough education to allow kids to learn multiple languages.

I know I took full advantage of it which helped me master German even though I ended up not using it much as I came to the USA instead of Munich, Germany.

Does Romel Lukaku Speak Spanish?

In the Italian and English soccer leagues where he has played the most, Lukaku had some Spanish teammates who taught him how to pass the ball in Spanish amongst other Spanish vocabulary semantics.

Also, soccer players always have to learn a new language should they need to be transferred or for worse, go at a referee on the field because of a missed call.

It is safe to say that Romelu Lukaku cannot get lost in the street of Madrid if his life depended on him speaking Spanish.

Check it out in the video below where he showcased his skills in multiple languages.

Is Lukaku Fluent in Lingala?

Lingala is one of 5 languages spoken in the Democratic Republic of Congo where Lukaku parents were born.

Therefore, he inherited Lingala at birth since it was spoken to him in the household before he went to Brussels for his soccer youth academy.

What Languages do they speak in Congo?

The official language of Democratic Republic of Congo where Lukaku parents were born is French.

However, there are also four fully recognized national languages spoken across this vast country: Kikongo (from the Kituba region), Lingala, Swahili and Tshiluba.

How many languages does Romelu Luka Speak - How many languages are spoken in Congo

Geographical Languages Distribution in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Kinshasa is the capital)

What Languages does Lukaku Speak?

9 languages for striker #9.

How fitting is it for Romeo Lukaku to be proficient in 9 languages with the following degrees of fluency.

Languages Romel Lukaku Can SpeakLevel of Fluency
EnglishPerfectly Fluent
DutchNative Speaker, Fluent
LingalaNative Speaker, Fluent
FlemishGood Proficiency
SpanishFluent with great Ease
FrenchPerfectly Fluent
PortugueseHe would love to Learn
ItalianGood Understanding
GermanBasic understanding
Romel Lukaku Spoken Languages

Romel Lukaku Full Bio

FUN FACTS about Romelu Lukaku
Full Name Romelu Lukaku Bolingoli
Place of Birth Antwerp, Belgium
Date of Birth (Age) May 13, 1993 (age 29 as of 2022)
Occupation Professional Soccer Player
Height 6ft3 (1m91)
Salary 12 million Euros (2022)
Children Romeo Lukaku
Parents Roger & Adolphine Lukaku
Quick Facts about Romelu Lukaku

Lukaku Clubs and Stats

Lukaku professional career may leave some regrets after very promising beginning in Premier League with Everton FC.

For his three seasons combined at Everton, he played a total of 110 Premier League games while scoring 53 goals.

Almost 50% matches to goal ratio. That is pretty good by any standard except maybe for the “Pulga“.

With such great efficiency, the Belgian forward was transferred to Manchester United in 2017.

With the Manchunians, he was selected 65 times in two seasons and scored 16 goals the first season and 12 in 2018-2019 with no assist.

It was probably at this time that his biggest critics started voicing their concerns.

Nonetheless, he moved on to Italy with Inter Milan and recaptured his scoring touch.

2019-2020 and 2020-2021 seasons with Inter Milan brought 23and 24 goals respectively with 11 assists in 2020-2021.

Lukaku also lends his football talents to his Belgian National team (Les Diables Rouges which means the Red Devils – no affiliation with MU of course) where they reached the World Cup Semi Finals in 2019 and almost won the whole thing if it was not for that mighty French team with Paul Pogba and Co.

Sacre Bleu!

What is Lukaku Net Worth?

A striker of Lukaku caliber is in very high demand from top England, Italian and Spanish teams.

He has had record transfer when he moved to Manchester United before joining Chelsea.

Over the course of his illustrious career so far, he has accumulated a net worth of over $20 million.

Romel Lukaku on social media

Instagram | (@romelulukaku) | 9M FollowersFacebook | Romelu Lukaku | 11M Followers
Romelu Lukaku social media profiles

FAQs about How many Languages Lukaku speak

What Languages do they speak in Belgium?

The Kingdom of Belgium (yeah, they do have a Prince and everything) is divided into two main regions.

The Flanders region is in the North where 56% of people speak Dutch and the Wallonia is the South.

The Wallonia region is most French speaking with the extreme East side with German speakers.

Brussels the capital of Belgium is a melting pot where all three languages [ Dutch, French and German] are spoken by the population.

Does Lukaku Speak Flemish?

Yes, as a native of Antwerp, Belgium which is just 55 kilometers north of Brussels, he had a great opportunity to mix with Flemish speaking kids in his adolescence.

He actually spent his youth academy days in Brussels while coming up in the ranks as a soccer player.

Is Lukaku an African Player?

Lukaku was born in Belgium thus giving him the Belgian citizenship automatically.

However, both his parents are from Congo, former Zaire which used to be a Belgian colony.

A lot of Congolese resides in Belgium because of these historical ties.

One of the languages spoken most in Congo (capital Kinshasha) is Lingala which Romelu Lukaku can speak as well.

Why is Belgium Lukaku National team?

Lukaku represents Belgium in world soccer because he is a Belgian citizen by way of his birth rights.

He is in the same boat as many young African athletes who are born abroad of immigrants parents.

One such great example is Paris Saint Germain striker Kylian Mbappe.

His father is from Camerron where his late grandfather was a legend.

My father still narrates me stories to this day of the strength Mbappe Leppe (Kylian grandfather ‘s name) was known for when striking the ball.

In fact, Kylian Mbappe grandfather is so famous in Cameroon, there is a stadium to his honor as depicted on the Google Map below.

If you ever find yourself in Douala, Cameroon, you ought to check it out.

Nowadays, Kylian just like Lukaku represents his birth country France instead of the Indomitable Lions.

Which Language does Kevin Debruyn and Lukaku Speak To each other?

Kevin Debruyn is quite a polyglot himself so they would likely speak whatever language is convenient for team so that the opposing team defenders cannot understand.

For instance, if they are playing against France, the obvious choice would be Dutch as some French players can understand Flemish.

FINAL THOUGHTS on How many Languages does Lukaku Speak

Next time you watch Romelu Lukaku score a goal, think of the many languages he could celebrate his on the field accomplishment in.

This will add some perspective into his ability to think and make decisions that are meant to confuse his defenders.

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