How Many Languages does Jeremy Wade from River Monsters know

Extreme professional angler and River Monsters Television Show host Jeremy Wade has become famous with his signature Catch phrase “Fish On, Fish On”.

But did you know that Jeremy Wade is very fluent in Mutiple international languages?

Read below to find out how many languages Jeremy Wade of River Monsters know and can speak.

How Many Languages does Jeremy Wade Know?

British born Television host Jeremy Wade has traveled on all continents but one, Antartica.

As a result, he has come across many exotic cultures and got a great exposure to their rich languages.

Though he is fully fluent in only two languages (English and Portuguese), Jeremy Wade knows and can speak a dozen languages with decreasing levels of usefulness.

Jeremy Wade has been able to captive people attention across the world since his first fishing documentary trip in India in 1982.

Upon his return from that challenging yet rewarding experience, his aim has always been to discover new places.

New destinations especially exotic places bring new languages to learn and master in order to effectively communicate with the local residents.

How Many Languages does Jeremy Wade Speak?

Jeremy Wade was born in Ipswich, UK which makes English his native and first language.

Prior to becoming famous on Television, he leveraged his degree in zoology and teaching certificate in biological sciences from the University of Kent to work in a secondary school for a while.

Little did he know at the time that he would travel the globe touring all continents except one.

How many Languages does Jeremy Wade Know ? - River Monsters host Jeremy Wade over the years
Self-described Freshwater Detective Jeremy Wade over the years

Jeremy wade said in an interview that he is fluent in English and Portuguese but know about a dozen languages.

He extensively spent times studying Hindi, Russian, Lingala, pidgin and many others.

Hindi was important to her career launch because his first international trip was in India and later made several documentaries from there.

Jeremy Wade appeared in the 1986 Bollywood film Allah Rakha as an extra.

Does Jeremy Wade speak Portuguese?

Yes, Jeremy wade is fully fluent in Portuguese because he spent many years in Brazil fishing in the Amazonian rivers.

He described himself as a freshwater detective.

How so?

Jeremy Wade goes to remote destinations where a fish is reported to cause harm (sometimes killing) to local residents.

His job as a detective is to investigate the fish responsible for these crimes and bring them to justice.

No, there is no international tribunal for fish monsters.

More seriously, Jeremy Wade catches the fish terrorizing the local population and help raise awareness to its presence in the waters which are the fish natural habitat.

This process also helps bring closure to the family who may have lost their loved ones.

Respect of the foreign cultures

In some of the remote villages in Brazil, I have watched shows where Jeremy Wade would have to stay several weeks with the local residents because the weather was not amicable or to satisfy local rituals before going into the waters.

I was quite impressed by his due diligence and great respect for these cultures.

Through such dispositions, he realizes that learning the local languages can go a great deal into obtaining the needed permissions to film or interview the very people he wants to help with his freshwater investigations.

Self-described Freshwater detective Jeremy Wade has mastered a dozen languages from his many global exotic trips over the years.

Does Jeremy Wade of River Monsters Speak French?

Thanks to his many trips in Africa and Congo particularly, Jeremy wade get to immerse himself in French speaking environment.

He is comfortable asking questions in French when doing his preliminary investigations about the “horror” stories that brought him there in the first place.

While in Congo, Africa, Jeremy Wade get to learn two other languages that are spoken in Africa: Lingala and Pidgin.

Lingala is language spoken throughout Congo, so for someone like Jeremy to be effective in his documentaries, it was a much-needed skill to acquire.

Pidgin language spoken in Africa bears a great deal of resemblance to English.

If it was a commodity, one could qualify Pidgin as a “poor man” version of English.

I can fully understand pidgin though I also find myself shying away from it on some of the YouTube videos produced in Nigeria for instances.

There is something quite unsettling to my ears that does not allow me my attention to be captivated by it.

How Well does Jeremy Wade Speak French?

Jeremy Wade understands French better than he speaks it.

The simple fact that he does not rely solely on an interpreter is very enduring to the local residents.

In Congo for instance, the way the black population tends to look at a white man from abroad who come to demystify some of their beliefs about the Congo River shows how much respect they have for Jeremy wade.

Tha tis mostly due to his effort and willingness to be as close to them as possible by speaking one of their languages.

Can Jeremy Wade of Rivers Monsters Speak Spanish?

Spanish is one of the languages spoken in South America where Jeremy Wade has spent the majority of his time fishing.

Here is a short YouTube video where Jeremy Wade answers questions about his favorite destination and foreign languages he knows and can speak.

Jeremy Wade on Foreign Languages he can speak

What Languages does Jeremy Wade Speak?

In my many years watching the show “River Monsters” which last 9 seasons, I can describe Jeremy Wade as a modest and unassuming intelligent man.

The way he interacts with foreign residents show how much many of us have to go in order to achieve such level of tact and diplomacy.

That modesty is what I see in his response in the above video about the number of languages he can speak.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the languages Jeremy wade know and can speak with varying degrees of success.

Languages Natalie Portman Can SpeakLevel of Fluency
EnglishNative Speaker, Fluent
HindiGood Knowledge
SpanishGood Understanding
FrenchGood Understanding
Lingala | Congo, AfricaGood Knowledge
Pidgin | Spoken in AfricaGreat Understanding
RussianGood Knowledge
Jeremy Wade Spoken Languages

Jeremy Wade from Rivers Monsters Full Bio

FUN FACTS about Jeremy Wade
Full Name Jeremy John Wade
Place of Birth Ipswich, Suffolk, United Kingdom
Date of Birth (Age) March 23, 1956 (age 66 as of 2022)
Occupation TV Host | Author | Freshwater Detective
Alma mater Bristol University | University of Kent
Height 6 feet (1m85)
TV Shows River Monsters, Mighty Rivers, Dark Waters
Siblings Martin Wade
Quick Facts about Jeremy John Wade

Jeremy Wade Books and TV Shows

As a zoology graduate and experienced angler, Jeremy Wade naturally writes books about his fishing experiences and provide the readers great insights on some of his monster’s encounters.

BooksSomewhere Down the Crazy River [1992]River Monsters: The Stories of the Ones that Didn’t Get away [2011]How To Think Like a Fish [2019]
ShowsRiver Monsters [2009 – 2017]Mighty Rivers [2018]Dark Waters [2019]Unknown Waters [2021-]
Jeremy Wade Books and TV Shows

What is Jeremy Wade Net Worth?

From his Television appearances and authorships over the last decade, Jeremy Wade has accumulated a net worth over $2 million according to the latest analysis by Forbes.

The Bristish angler has worked with Television networks in the US such as Anima Planet and Discovery.

He continues to film and host TV series with a global audience from America though Africa to Australia that genral millions of views.

His yearly salary is not known with great accuracy but nonetheless it is safe to assume that Jeremy Wade is not a man in great need, or he might just go catch a Paraiba or two to get by.

Jeremy Wade on social media

Twitter | Facebook | Jeremy Wade | 608K Followers
Instagram | (@thisisjeremywade) | 341K FollowersIMDB | Jeremy John Wade
Jeremy Wade social media profiles

People Also Ask FAS on Jeremy Wade

How old is Jeremy Wade host of River Monsters

Jeremy Wade celebrate his birthday every March 23rd since1956.

Therefore, he is 66-year-old as of 2022 and still going which is a true testament to his dedication and passion.

Where to watch Jeremy Wade’s Dark Waters

Dark waters in an Animal Planet documentary hosted by Jeremy Wade.

You can watch the show on Animal Planet TV and streaming.

FINAL THOUGHTS on Jeremy Wade Spoken Languages

“The Fish On, Fish On” Expert angler and TV host Jeremy John Wade has leveraged his passion for new destinations to learn as many as a dozen languages.

What has continued to impress me over the years on this citizen of the world is his great respect for all the population he has immersed himself with.

That in turn has gained him great admiration to the tune of millions of viewers across the globe.

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Self-described Freshwater detective Jeremy Wade has mastered a dozen languages from his many global exotic trips over the years.

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