How Many Languages does Gordon Ramsay speak?

Celebrity Top Chef Gordon Ramsay may provide entertainment on television in the kitchen with his apprentices.

But did you know that behind closed doors and the camera lights, the famous chef is a polyglot.

Here is all the languages Gordon Ramsay can speak as well as fun insights about your favorite British TV celebrity cordon bleu restaurateur.

What Languages does Gordon Ramsay Speak?

Before Scottish born Gordon Ramsay became the MasterChef we know today, the younger version of him studied French cuisine in London for three years, then moved to France at age 23 to further his knowledge under French mentor Guy Savoy.

Later, he decided to learn Italian cuisine which led him to spend three years traveling between Sicily and Sardinia.

In light of these experiences, Gordon Ramsy can speak English, French, Italian and Scottish with variable levels of fluency.

Does Gordon Ramsay Speak French?

Absolutely, Gordon Ramsey is fluent in French event though you do not get to hear him speak French that often in his television shows.

How do we know that he speaks French?

When he was coming up between age 19 and 22, he actually studied French cuisine first in London with the guidance of his friend Marco Pierre White at Harveys restaurant under Jean Claude Breton.

It was Breton who provided an opportunity to Gordon Ramsey to become his number 2 at a ski resort in the French Alps.

How many languages does Gordon Ramsay speak - French speaking Gordon Ramsey learned French first

Top Chef Gordon Ramsay learned French Cuisine for many years under the tutelage of Top French Chefs thus making French the first foreign language he mastered.

His transition from the Alps to Paris when he was 23 led Ramsay to meet more talented French chefs such as Guy Savoy and Joel Robuchon.

How well does Gordon Ramsay Speak French?

Gordon Ramsey French speaking skills are just as smooth as his recipes.

As a French speaking native, I can tell that he is not a Parisian or someone from Marseilles or Lyon but to a non-French speaker, he sounds just as good as any of the celebrities who speak French.

I would even venture to say that he sounds better than most because he immersed himself in that culture for at least 5 years.

Therefore, there is an element of authenticity that surpasses learning from books or tapes or any nonphysical presence in the environment.

Here is a short video of Gordon Ramsey in Paris roasting a Brazilian chef in French, s’il vous plait.

Gordon Ramsey Scolding a Brazilian Chef in French

Is Gordon Ramsay Fluent in Italian?

Gordon Ramsay is capable of speaking Italian because he held a personal chef position for several years following his Parisian experience that led him for a year to Sicily and Sardinia, Italy.

He extensively studied Italian cuisine as well therefore, it is safe to conclude that he understands most of the Italian culinary vocabulary.

Now, if you are to challenge him to write a whole thesis in Italian, that may present a bigger challenge for him.

In summary, he receives a passing Grade in Italian with the full proficiency still needing to be validate.

Can Gordon Ramsay speak Spanish?

In his business dealing, Gordon Ramsay may have picked up some concepts in Spanish.

However, that does not infer that his is fluent in Spanish or can find his way home from a game at Bernabeu where fellow polyglot Luka Modric cultivates La Pelota in the midfield.

How many Languages does Gordon Ramsay Speak?

Languages Gordon Can SpeakLevel of Fluency
EnglishNative Speaker, Fluent
ScottishNative Speaker, Fluent
ItalianGood Understanding
SpanishBasic understanding
Gordon Ramsay Spoken Languages

Gordon Ramsay Full Bio

FUN FACTS About Gordon Ramsay
Full Name Gordon James Ramsay
Place of Birth Johnstone, United Kingdom
Date of Birth (Age) November 8, 1966 (age 56 as of 2022)
Occupation Chef | Restaurateur | TV Personality
Height 6Feet 2 inches
Spouse Tana Ramsay (married 1996 – Present)
Children Tilly, Oscar, Jack Scott, Holly Anna, Megan
Quick Facts about Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay TV shows

Over the years, Gordon Ramsay popularity on Television has grown exponentially with audience rating increasing all over the globe.

Consequently, he has been able to continue to produce TV content that is in high demand from his viewers.

YearTelevision Show
2005 – PresentHell’s Kitchen
2004 -2014Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares
2007 – 2014Kitchen Nightmares
2013 -PresentMasterChef Junior
2022 -PresentNext Level Chef
Gordon Ramsay Television Shows over the years

Gordon Ramsay Books

In total, Gordon Ramsay has authored 26 books (all in English) since 1996.

The most recent one was published in 2021and titled Ramsay in 10: Delicious Recipes Made in a Flash.

I am not sure if any of the publications features any foreign languages.

What is Gordon Ramsay Net Worth?

Gordon Ramsay was appointed to the Highest order of the British Empire by the Queen in 2006.

That accomplishment by itself to prove how much you have achieved in your industry and profession.

In 2020, Forbes estimated that he earned $70million in just one year from his multiple television shows in the UK and in America.

If you add in the Books and other business deal, his net worth is evaluated to be over $220 million as of 2022.

How does Gordon Ramsay use his wealth?

He is a car enthusiast with a very large collection of Ferraris.

He owns at least eight (8) high prized Ferraris: Spider 48, 488Pita, 812 Superfast or 575Superamerica just to name a few.

His car hobby also includes a couple of McLaren and a Porsche 918.

Gordon Ramsay on social media

Instagram | (gordongram) | 14M Followers Facebook | Gordon Ramsay | 23M Followers
Twitter | (@GordonRamsay) | 7.6 M FollowersYouTube |
Gordon Ramsay social media profiles

Facebook is the medium Gordon Ramsay uses the most of all his social media profiles.

There are over 23 million fans who are captivated by the Bristish restaurateur.

He posts almost on a daily basis providing menu ideas and recipes you can follow at home or better yet learn from his @gorgonramsayacademy.

People Also Ask FAQs about Gordon Ramsay Languages

How old is Gordon Ramsay?

Gordon Ramsay was born on November 8, 1966.

Therefore, he will be turning 56 years young in 2022.

He has not talked about any retirement anytime soon as he continues to delight his fans worldwide with his knowledge, enthusiasm and passion about the culinary art.

Gordon Ramsay Restaurants near me

Gordon Ramsay owns five (5) restaurants in the city of LAs Vegas, Nevada, USA.

If you find yourself traveling in Las Vegas, you can plan to visit all of them on the same day as they are pretty much walking distance from each other.

How many Languages does Gordon Ramsay speak - Gordon Ramsay five restaurants in Las Vegas

Nice and original touristic travel idea is to visit all 5 Gordon Ramsay restaurants in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Here is the table summarizing the menu at each one of Gordon Ramsay restaurants in Las Vegas.

Gordon Ramsay Steak3655 S Las Vegas Blvd$$$$
Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen3570 Las Vegas Blvd South$$$
Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill3570 South Las Vegas Blvd$$
Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips3545 South Las Vegas Blvd$$
Gordon Ramsey Burger3667 South Las Vegas Blvd$$
Gordon Ramsey LAs Vegas Restaurants

In my recent trip to Las Vegas during the Independence Day weekend, the Gordon Ramsey Burger place was the most popular one: Is it due to younger crowd?

FINAL THOUGHTS on Gordon Ramsay Spoken Languages

Traveling and learning different cuisines of the world have enabled Gordon Ramsey to master multiple languages.

We do not always get to see him display his multi-lingual skills on Television so maybe I may suggest this for a future show: a cooking school show where the requirement is to express oneself in just one language.

As for the title of such entertainment, Language Cook-off of course!

Did you Know that Gordon Ramsey almost became a soccer player if it was not for a bad knee?

Soccer lost transformed into a great gain for food lovers as the “Messi of Cooking” is doing just fine.

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