How many languages does Cote De Pablo from NCIS speak

Chilean-American actress Cote de Pablo has been on the rise thanks to her role as Diva David on the popular Television show NCIS.

But did you know that she is able to speak multiple languages as well.

Find out how many languages Cote de Pablo speaks, how fluent she is with each one of them and how long it took her to master so many languages given her busy career and personal life.

How many languages does Cote de Pablo speak?

Former NCIS actress cote de Pablo whose real name is Maria Jose De Pablo Fernandez came to USA at age 10 from her native Chile not knowing how to speak English.

She learned English through her schoolingim Miami upon her arrival, perfected her Spanish and picked up some French along to way to become a very accomplished polyglot who speak 2 languages fluently and can dabble through 2 or 3 more.

Why did Cote de Pablo change her name?

When she arrived in Miami at age 10 thanks to her moment taking a new job at a Spanish-language Television network, the other kids in school could not pronounce her name.

Therefore, in order to make it easier for them, she opted for “Cote” because it is a very common name in her beloved country of Chile.

I can very much relate to this story as the same thing happened to me upon coming to America.

My first name was too long and unusual for the locals in Texas, therefore it had to be shortened and it stuck until today.

How many languages does Cote de Pablo speak - NCIS character Zavi David
Cote de Pablo real name is Maria Jose de Pablo Fernadez

Does Cote de Pablo speak English?

De Pablo is perfectly fluent in in English having completed her schooling from age 10 in the USA.

She earned a BA in Musical Theater from Carnegie Mellon University.

Once on a David letterman show, she recalls how a teacher in 5th grade helped and encouraged her in her pursuit of better English skills.

There is this anecdote about her being on a track team while knowing on single English word: “Run”.

To please her teacher, she ran and ran and almost became a track star thus boosting her confidence and self-esteem along the way.

Here is the full video of that interview.

How well does Cote de Pablo speak English?

Cote de Pablo has mastered English so well that there is no accent suggesting that she is not a native speaker.

Her English interviews are flowless and given her natural physical attributes, it is quite easy to follow her speaking English.

We also know that she had professional training as a theater major which is a plus for an actress who played a tough role on Television.

Can Cote de Pablo Speak Spanish?

De Pablo was born speaking Spanish from her young age in Santiago of Chile.

her mom was a late-night TV host in her native country, so she mastered the Spanish language quite early.

What other languages does Cote de Pablo Speak?

Cote de Pablo is an accomplished singer as depicted in NCIS season 6 Episode 1 where she interpreted Tom Waits’ song “Temptation”.

The full version of her performance includes lyrics in French, so she is capable of speaking French as well.

Cote de Pablo Full Bio

Cote de Pablo has one sister Andrea and a brother Francisco who is into music.

FUN FACTS About Cote de Pablo
Full Name Maria Jose de Pablo Fernandez
Place of Birth Santiago, Chile
Date of Birth (Age) November 12, 1978 (age 44 as of 2022)
Occupation Actress | Singer | Producer
Height 5Feet 6 inches
Education Carnegie Mellon University
Parents Maria Olga Fernandez, Francisco de Pablo
Siblings Andrea de Pablo & Francisco de Pablo Fernandez
Quick Facts about Cote de Pablo

Her mom Maria Olga was a long time late-talk show host because settling into entrepreneurship.

Cote de Pablo movies and TV shows

Before her breakthrough role in NCIS, Cote de Pablo almost made it to Broadway through the Mambo Kings as Dolores Fuentes.

But the show closed before it ever got going.

Theater was actually De Pablo first love as she completed a Bachelor of Fien Arts in Musical Theater from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

Prior to that, she had parts on TV shows such as All My Children, the Education of Max Bickford and The Street.

How much is Cote de Pablo Worth?

Cote de Pablo was very popular on NCIS for over 9 seasons appearing in 194episodes.

The longevity of the show is a testament to the quality of his actor and actresses including De Pablo who earned a nice income for many years.

As of 2022, it is reported that her net worth is in the vicinity of $9 million.

Not too bad for someone who did not speak a word of English upon her arrival in America from her beloved Santiago of Chile.

Cote de Pablo in social media

Cote de Pablo social media channels are operated by devoted fans who gather information about the star and share with others.

Instagram | (@cotedeperff) | 52kFollowersFacebook | Cote de Pablo Official | 87K Fans
Twitter | IMDb | Cote de Pablo
Cote de Pablo social media channels

People Also Ask FAQs about Cote de Pablo Languages

Where is Cote de Pablo from?

Cote De Pablo was born in Santiago, Chile.

It is a south American country of 19.5 million habitants to the west of Argentina.

The country stretches in length from the south of Peru to the north to the south of Argentina, where Messi was born.

The capital and largest city is Santiago which has 6.9 people who mostly speak Spanish, the native language of Cote de Pablo.

You can actually ski in Chile in the middle of the summer in America because it is in the southern hemisphere.

How old is cote de Pablo?

Cote de Pablo celebrates her birthday every November 12th since 1978.

Therefore, she is 44 years young as of 2022.

How many languages does Cote de Pablo Speak - Is Agent Ziva David returning to NCIS soon?

Is a Surprise return to NCIS spin off in the books for the multi-talented actress Cote de Pablo?

Is Cote de Pablo married?

There has not been any report of De Pablo marriage.

A public relationship with actor Diego Serrano took place a long time ago.

However, it ended in June 2015.

Why did Cote de Pablo leave NCIS?

After spending 9 seasons on the NCIS police dram, Cote de Pablo left because of creative difference about her Character Ziva David.

It was first reported that her character has died in season 13 Finale before the story changed three years later in season 16.

She made some recurring apparitions in season 17 for a total of 194 overall episodes between 2005 and 2020.

What has Cote de Pablo done since NCIS?

Since leaving NCIS, some of the projects De Pablo has been involved with include The 33, in 2015, the Dovekeepers the same year, a miniseries where she was cast as Shirah.

From 2016to 2019, major works to report are Prototype in 2016 (a TV movie) and Senecca in 2019.

The actress has been very secretive about her life off the Television screens as she does not have any active social media presence.

Many of her fans are speculating about a potential return to the NCIS” Hawaii version.

Should that be the case, the show viewership is bound to draw in millions of fans just as it did the last time she made a surprise return.

FINAL THOUGHTS on Cote de Pablo Spoken Languages

Maria Jose De Pablo Fernandez alias Cote de Pablo (a.k.a Ziva David on TV) came to America at age 10, learned English, went to theater school and landed a dream job on Television which projected her to stardom she never dreamed of.

All of this through the power of adding one new language to her repertoire and the trajectory of her life changed forever.

Does Cote de Pablo who came to the Us at a very young age speak more languages than Ana de Armes, another South American immigrant who found fame State side?

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