How Many Languages does Christoph Waltz Speak?

International Actor Christoph Waltz may be more known for his Academy Awards and other global accolades over the years.

But very few are aware of the many languages this versatile performer speaks.

In this expose, you will find out how many languages Christoph Waltz speak as well as some insights about the life of your favorite Django Unchained and Inglorious Basterds actor.

How Many languages does Christoph Waltz Speak?

Two-time academy Award winning actor Christoph waltz is an accomplished performer even though he was revealed little to the American public.

His performance in the 2012 acclaimed movie Django Unchained proves that he can speak English, French and German.

We may also recall that in Inglorious Bastard in 2009, Christoph Waltz speaks Italian as a native.

The Vienna, Austria native is a full polyglot who speaks at least 4 languages.

From his upbringing, we can assume that he was also exposed to some Slovenian as his mother father was from Slovenia.

How did Christoph Waltz Learn so many languages?

At a very young age, Christoph Waltz wanted to be an Opera singer.

So, he attended University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna while perfecting his acting craft at the famous Max Reinhardt Seminar.

How Many Languages does Christoph Waltz Speak - Christoph Waltz over the years
Christoph Waltz Multilingual Skills comes from his early Passion of Opera Singing

Opera singing uses many foreign languages because the most famous composers from Europe are Italian (Guiseppe Verdi, Vivaldi, Giacomo Puccini, Rossini), Austrian (Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart), German (Richard Wagner, Heinrich Marschner) or French (George Bizet, Claude Debussy) just to name a few.

This clearly explains how Christoph Walz is able to navigate through French, Italian, German (he was born in Vienna of a German father) and English languages with so much ease.

Christoph Waltz Full Bio

Christoph Waltz is a German-Austrian actor.

His Austrian Citizenship has been a subject of many questions over the years even though he was born in Austria, grew up in Vienna, studied and started his acting career in that country.

FUN FACTS about Christoph Waltz
Full Name Christoph Waltz
Place of Birth Vienna, Austria
Date of Birth (Age) October 4, 1956 (age 66 as of 2022)
Occupation International Actor
Spouses Jacqueline Rauch (divorced) | Judith Holste
Children Leon Waltz, Rachel Waltz, Miriam Waltz
Quick Facts about Christoph Waltz

Video of Christoph Waltz speaking French.

Christoph Waltz Filmography

If you are looking for a list of movies Christoph Waltz has starred in, here is a chorological summary to date.

YearMovie TitleAward / Recognition
2009Inglorious BasterdsAcadem Award for best Supporting Role
2011The Green Hornet | Water for Elephants| Carnage
2012Django Unchained Academy Award Winner
2014Big Eyes
2015Spectre: James Bond Nemesis Stavro Blofeld)
2017Tulip Fever | Downsizing
2020Rifkin’s Festival
2021The French Dispatch | No Time To Die
Christoph Waltz Movies

Awards and Recognition

Christoph Waltz work has been recognized globally despite his relatively late breakthrough in 2009.

He has won two Academy Awards starring in two Quentin Tarantino movies which is quite an impressive feast given that no other actor has been able to do so.

The Cannes Film Festival in France gave him the Best Actor Award for his 2009 portrayal of Hans Landa in Inglorious Basterds.

Similar accolades came from the British, German and Austrian Movie awards.

He recently started as a director with the production of an Opera: Falstaff.

Christoph Waltz’s voice may not have enabled him to sing Opera, but he certainly has not forgotten about that early passion.

Christoph Waltz on social media

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Instagram | (@christoph_waltz)
Christoph Waltz social media profiles

People Also Ask FAQS about Christoph Waltz

Christoph Waltz Net Worth

With so much success at the Box office over the last decade, Christoph Waltz has amassed a net worth of $30 million according to the last Forbes and Business Insider analysis.

The German-Austrian actor obviously commands top dollars nowadays for his retention based on his global fan base following his 2 Academy Awards in 2009 and 2012.

On top of his acting, he is now a director and producer of several productions which can only help increase his already well-established wealth.

Who is Christoph waltz Wife?

Christoph Waltz was first married to Jacqueline Rauch, a New York dance therapist with whom he had three children.

That marriage lasted 17 years.

Following his divorced, he married his second and current wife Judith Holte.

Judith Holste is a costume designer who was born in Germany.

The couple has one daughter.

Who is the only person to win an Oscar for acting in a Quentin Tarantino film?

You guess it.

Christoph Waltz has the glorious honor to be the only Oscar winning actor in a Quentin Tarantino movie.

When you know about Tarantino movie repertoire over the years, that tells you how a marvelous performance Christoph Waltz has out in in not just one both two brilliant acting roles in 2009 and 2012.

Just For Your Opera Edification

In honor to Christoph Waltz first love (that is Opera singing), here is a fun way to learn more about famous Opera composer.

I find myself consumed by this playful test for hours and really grew more passion for this knowledge as I realize Opera music is so much more present in our Lifes than we may think.

Watch the YouTube video and let me know your thoughts in the comments.

FINAL THOUGHTS On Christoph Waltz Languages Spoken

Opera may have lost a great performer in Christoph Waltz, but Movie fans and Cinematography in general are definitely thankful for his many talents.

As such Christoph Waltz get to use the many languages he learned while contemplating his Opera singing career to Dazzle us in his motion pictures.

His career is a great testimony to the old saying that talent is permanent no matter the medium through which it is conveyed.

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