How many languages does Ana de Armas speak

Movie star Ana de Armas could barely speak a word of English upon coming to Los Angeles at age 26 in 2014.

But did you know that the Cuban actress now speaks multiple languages.

Learn about the transformation that led to her becoming multilinguist, how many languages she speaks and other insights about your favorite Marilyn Monroe character.

How many languages does Ana de Armas speak?

At age 18, Cuban born actress Ana Celia de Armes Caso left her place of birth Havanah, Cuba for her maternal grandparent’s native land of Spain to purse her acting career in 2006.

When Hollywood talent hunters noticed her in 2014, she arrived in Los Angeles, California to start anew.

She quickly learned how to speak English and leveraged her new language skills to expand her career all the way to portray Marylin Monroe on the Big screen.

She is fully bilingual nowadays in English and Spanish with the double advantage of Hispanic and Latina cultural heritages.

Ana de Armas career transformation goes hand in hand with her linguistic skills.

Looking a quick timeline of her life as shown in the table below, we can clearly establish that her trajectory changed when English language became her new environment.

Timeline (Years)Place of ResidenceSpoken LanguagesDecisions | Accomplishments
1988- 2006Santa Cruz del Norte, CubaSpanishJoined Havana’s National Theatre of Cuba at age 14 | Played in Romantic Drama Una Rosa de Francia (2006)
2006-2014Madrid, SpainSpanishTV Show El Internado from 2007 to 2010
2014-2021Los Angeles, California, USASpanish +EnglishKnock Knock [2015] with Co-star Keanu Reeves, War Dogs (2016), Blade Runner 2049 [2017], Knives Out [2019], No Time to Die [2021]
2021 -2022New York CityEnglish & SpanishBlonde [2022], Ghosted [2022]
Ana de Armes Languages Timeline

Does Ana de Armas speak Spanish?

De Armas has two last names. One from her father and the other from her mother.

Her maternal grandparents came from immigrated from Spain to Cuba therefore her whole childhood, she grew up speaking Spanish from her days at the Havan’s National Theatre of Cuba.

Though she did not experience a linguistic cultural shock from Cuba to Sapin at age 18, the actress recalls how access to basic food items such as gums and canned food became an obsession for her.

Here is a fun bite where Ana de Armes teaches a British host a few words in Spanish.

How well does Ana de Armas speak English?

Upon her arrival in Los Angeles in 2014, Ana de Armes was not fluent in English because she never had to rely on English for her professional career.

As a young child back in Cuba, she would watch Hollywood movies on the weekends at her neighbor house, then acted in front of her mirror.

That what inspired her to become an actress when she was just 12 years old.

How many languages does Ana de Armas speak? - Dreamed at age 12 of being an actress
Ana de Armes became a global star once she mastered English language

From that little girl dream in Havana to starring on a major production on Netflix like Blonde, a great deal must have happened.

Precisely, from 2015 to 2017, she decided to take dialect coaching once in Hollywood, read English novels so that she could avoid being type cast in the perennial Latina actresses’ roles.

De Armes spent 4 consecutives in intensive English learning Education program.

Those classes and efforts paid off for her.

Nowadays, when you listen to De Armes speak English, there is no guessing that English was her distant second language less than a decade ago.

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Can Ana de Armas speak French?

Other than her Marylin character saying a few words en Francais, De Armes has not yet master the French language.

But who knows, in due time, a role may lead her to include Moliere language to her ever-improving repertoire.

Ana de Armas Full Bio

Ana de Armes shares a Spanish and Cuban citizenship.

Her grandparents came from Spain to settle in Cuba where both her parents are from.

FUN FACTS About Ana de Armas
Full Name Ana Celia de Armas Caso
Place of Birth Havana, Cuba
Date of Birth April 30, 1988 (age 34 as of 2022)
Occupation Actress | Comedian
Height 5Feet 6 inches
Spouse Marc Clotet (married 2011 to2013)
Parents Ana Caso, Ramon de Armas
Siblings Javier Caso
Quick Facts about Ana de Armas

Ana de Armas all Movie List

Ana de Armes roles since arriving is Hollywood in 2014 may have been limited in range initially due to her lack of English skills.

However, that is rapidly changing as depicted below with her increasing contributions to the Seven art.

Knock Knock [2015] Exposed [2016]Hands of Stone [2016]
War Dogs [2016] Blade Runner 2049[2017]Knives Out [2019] The Informer [2019]
Sergio [2020]No Time to Die [2021]Deep Water [2022] The Gray Man [2022] Blonde [2022] Ghosted [2022]
Ana de Armas movies

What is Ana de Armas Net worth?

De Armes has been steadily progressing in her Hollywood career.

Though there are no official reports on her net worth, she is living comfortably enough to establish residence in New York City.

Ana de Armas social media channels

Instagram | (@ana_d_armas) | 8M FollowersFacebook |
Twitter | (@ArmasUpdates) | 50K FollowersIMDb | Ana de Armas
Ana de Armas social media channels

People Also Ask FAQs about Ana de Armas Spoken Languages

Is Ana de Armas Hispanic or Latina?

Ana de Armas is Hispanic from her father Ramon de Armas side and Latina on her maternal side as her grandparents immigrated to Cuba from Spain.

Her full name ana Celio de Armas Caso encompasses both her Hispanic cultural heritage and her Latina roots (her mother’s last name is Caso).

On both sides, she was born to speak Spanish language from the onset.

Who is Ana de Armas boyfriend?

De Armas briefly dated American actor Ben Affleck from March 2020 to January 2021 after they two met while working on the movie Depp Water in late 2019.

As of this writing, she has shared her current romantic liaison other than her previous marriage to Spanish actor Marc Clotet from 2011 to 2013 while she was still living in Madrid, Spain.

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How old is Ana de Armas?

Ana de Armas celebrates her birthdays on April 30th every year since 1988.

Therefore, she is still in the tender age of 34 in 2022.

Her astrological sign is Taurus just like the following famous celebrities: Kirsten Dunst, Llyod Banks, Queen Juliana and Stephen Harper.

How tall is Ana de Armas?

De Armas is listed at 5feet 6 inches or 1m68 which is a good average height.

Final Thoughts on How many Languages does Ana de Armas speak

Ana de Armes grew up speaking Spanish as her native language until the age of 26 when her big Hollywood career move brough English to her life.

She is now and accomplished bilingual speaker who is out to take over the world.

Ana de Armes Linguistic journey resembles much the one of fellow actress from South America Cote de Pablo.

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