George Teichner 2023 Net Worth will Shock you

You probably know George Teichner as the father of Aviva Drescher, one of the members of the Television series, Real Housewives of New York.

In this article, you will learn about George Teichner, the businessman, his net worth and the secrets that enabled him to accumulate such great wealth.

What Is George Teichner Net worth?

Before he was known as a television personality, George Teichner made a living as an accountant for other stars such as the Beatles and Woody Allen. This is how he earned a massive net worth of over $50 million.

Albeit his estimated wealth does not account for the salary he may perceive as part of his featuring on verry popular TV shows.

George Teichner Full Bio

We may not know his exact birth date, but George Teichner personal info below will help you learn more about his life.

Some mystery still remains about his parents but to the best of our investigation, this very successful businessman was born in 1935.

Full Name George Teichner
Profession Accountant & Businessman
Date of Birth (Age) 1935 (87 years young)
Place of Birth USA
Children 1 (Aviva Drescher)
Spouses Ingrid Teichner, Dana LaVette Cody (2014-)
Quick Facts about George Teichner

George Teichner on social media

George Teichner’s Daughter Aviva Drescher

Aviva Drescher is George Teichner one and only child from his first marriage to Ingrid Teichner.

George Teichner’s daughter was born is Manhattan, New York, NY on September 9, 1970.

She is married with 4 kids (one from her first marriage to Harry Dubin) and 3 with current husband Reid H. Drescher.

How much is Aviva Drescher net Worth?

According to recent analysis from Business Insider and Forbes, Aviva Drescher has an amazing net worth of over $20million as she continues to charge over $200k per season for her Television appearances.

Little Known Secrets about George Teichner

George Teichner lives in Miami Beach, Florida, USA.

Though not very active on social media, his Twitter account list 278 followers.

George Teichner 2023 net worth will shock you - Goeorge Teicher with wife Dana LaVette Cody
George Teichner and wife Dana LaVette Cody

George Teichner Controversy

His relationship in 2014 with Dana LaVette Cody created quite a sensation.

The reason for this brouhaha is due to the massive age difference between the two.

At the time of their marriage, people were shocked to discover that the young lady was tying the knot with George who happens to be 50 (yes, you read right, Fifty) years older than she is.

Is George Teichner still married to dana Cody?

Some may have said she has $50million reasons to say Yes ?? 🙂

Only time will tell how long Dana Cody will remain married to George Teichner.

Here is a video at the time where George was defending his engagement to Dana LaVette Cody.

Dana LaVette Cody Net Worth

Before Dana LaVette Cody wed George Teichner, she was known for being the star of her own reality Show.

She starred in Oxygen’s “Boss Nails” as the owner of a nail Salon.

Her Miami-based business was called Tippi Toes Beauty Lounge.

Dana Cody a.k.a. Madame Teichner even used to post on Instagram under the handle @tippietoesinc.

Even though there is no mention on how successful her nail salon business was, Dana Cody net worth is certainly not neglectable.

After all, she married George Teichner in Malibu California, so chances are she is entitled to a good share of his $50 million net worth.

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