2023 Sommer Ray net worth will shock you

You may know Sommer Ray as the captivating and alluring model you see on the runways.

But do you know that behind the lean figure stands a pretty savvy businesswoman whose net worth is growing by the minute.

Check out how much Sommer Ray growing net worth is in 2023 and beyond.

What is Sommer Ray net worth in 2023?

American born fitness trainer and model Sommer Ray has turned her large fan base into a machine making money. The recent Forbes and Business Insider analysis reveal that young Sommer Ray has a net worth of $6 million.

Her income comes primarily from her YouTube, TikTok and Instagram ventures.

She recently launched her own design clothing line.

How did Summer Ray become famous?

Sommer Ray was inspired by both her parents to get into the fitness industry.

The young star started uploading fitness video alongside her mom on Vine as early as 2013.

Today, she has over 30million followers adjoining all social media platforms.

Full Name Summer Ray
Place of Birth Denver, Colorado, USA
Date of Birth (Age) September 15, 1996 (age 26 as of 2022)
Occupation Fitness Trainer | Model | TV personality
Parents Shannon Ray
Siblings Skylyn Beaty, Savana & Bronson Ray
Quick Facts about Sommer Ray

Quick facts about Summer Ray

  • Sommer Ray loves the Simpson Series

  • Sommer Ray was inspired by her parents to get into the fitness industry. Both her mom and dad were bodybuilders

  • She goes to the gym to exercise as many times as 5 times per week

2023 Sommer Ray net worth will shock you - Sommer Ray pictures on social media posts
Fitness Trainer and Model Sommer Ray

People Also Asks FAQS

What does Sommer Ray have on her left arm?

Sommer ray has explained on Twitter that for everyone asking about her arm, they should know that it is a birthmark.

What movies are Sommer Ray in?

Sommer Ray short filmography includes Karma | Life of Bradley Martyn (2019) | King’s Bachelor Pad (2019)

Who is Sommer Ray dating?

Recent published reports say that she is currently dating Faze Jarvis.

Her previous relationship with fellow YouTube “Cloutgang” member Rice Gum (Bryan Le in real life) ended in 2018.

What is Sommer Ray height?

Sommer Ray’s height is 5feet 6 inches on a good day of Summer with Sunshine.

Where to shop Sommer Ray designs in Canada?

If you live in Canada, you can shop for Sommer Ray designs clothing at Urban planet stores.

Recently, Sommer Ray is taking DJ as another form of entertainment and business (for sure) to increase her net worth.

Check out this recent YouTube video gig she performed in Miami, Florida, USA.

Sommer Ray in social media

Sommer Ray (@SommerRay) | TwitterSommer Ray (@sommerray) | Instagram
Sommer Ray (@sommerray) | TikTokSommer Ray | Facebook
Sommer Ray social media profiles


Though still early in her career, Sommer Ray has amassed a staggering net worth so far.

With her ever growing fanbase and social media appeal, the sky is the limit on how high Sommer Ray Star is to shine in years to come.

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