2023 Ben Greenfield net worth is amazing

Ben greenfield may as well be the hottest thing on the internet in 2022.

The author businesses are bringing in massive revenue which leads us to wonder about Ben Greenfield revenue in 2023 and beyond.

What Made Ben Greenfield famous?

Ben Greenfield is a health and fitness coach from Spokane, WA, USA.

He holds a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Exercise Physiology and a Biomechanics.

This intellectual background is the very core of these trainings and teachings.

Ben Greenfield Full Bio

Full Name Ben Greenfield
Alma mater University of Idaho
Date of Birth (Age) December 20, 1979 (age 43 as of 2022)
Profession Health & Fitness Coach | Author | Speaker
Spouse Jessa Greenfield
Children 2 Twin sons
Quick Facts about Ben Greenfield

Ben Greenfield wife

Ben Greenfield’s wife name is Jessa Greenfield.

They met at Sunday school before they were adults in the same area.

It is believed that the courtship started in their early 20’s.

The couple has two twins’ sons.

Jessa Greenfield | Wife of Ben Greenfield

Jessa Greenfield is an accomplished businesswoman on her own.

Aside from raising her twin boys, she devotes her time in healthy living recipes to achieve in balanced lifestyle.

Catch Jessa Greenfield in the video below on how to make a green smoothie.

Ben Greenfield 2023 net worth

Ben Greenfield is the author of 13 books so far some of which are best sellers including the 2014 “Beyond Training”.

Some unconfirmed publication has Ben Greenfield around $1.2million.

Judging by the recent rise of his website (over 3900% user growth in 3 months), one would be hard pressed to doubt his wealth at this time.

Time will tell how rich Ben Greenfield gets while educating all of us to be more health conscious and maximize our given natural performance.

Ben Greenfield supplements

Like this other celebrity fitness coach, Ben greenfield strongly believes in intermittent fasting.

He recommends 12 hours for women and 16 hours for men.

On the other hand, he had a recent intense exchange on the topics of supplements in a podcast interview with a fellow athlete Danica Patrick.

Ben Greenfield in social media

Ben Greenfield Life (@bengreenfieldfitness) | InstagramBen Greenfield(@bengreenfield) | Facebook
Ben Greenfield (@bengreenfield) | TwitterBen Greenfield (@bengreenfield) | LinkedIn

Quick Facts about Ben Greenfield

  • Height: 1.92m (6ft3)
  • Place of Birth: Lewiston, Idaho, USA
  • Weight: 79kg (175lbs)
  • How much can he Bench Press: TBD

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